Thursday , June 4 2020


Local teachers whom teaching English always have the same principal, to make their students able to understand the grammar. The rules in creating good structural sentences in English is called as Grammar. By using the grammar, students will have bigger chances to understand the study. Grammar is an essential part. Almost all formulas in using good English sentences or conversation start from grammars. Without grammars, student will only have less chance or even would completely unable to get the skills in learning English.

First grammar and also the most easiest grammar is named as PRESENT TENSE. There are currently sixteen grammars. Learn about the all of them is necessary to completely master the English. However, if it just only to be able to use English, learn twelve of them is more than enough. In this article, we will talk about Present Tense. This is the favorite grammar chosen by the local students.

To call the Present Tense as the easiest grammar is not a good idea. There are lots of difficulties when this grammar being analyzed into the deepest parts in implementation. That is why some experts sais it is ridiculous to call this grammar as the easiest part. Maybe they were too smart in the other grammars IMO. I do believe the Present Tense as the ‘basic’ or ‘mother’ of the other grammars.

Learning Present tense is not that easy but don’t underestimate this grammar. Students in my opinion should only learn the basic description and implementation of this grammar. Further in-depth implementation is not recommended as it require knowledge in other grammars that make it really complex. I remember the founder of UNIROW ASIA (he is well known as the professor) ever stated if Present Tense is an interesting grammar due to it’s complexness when associated with other grammars.

Communicative Approach, is a method widely used in teaching present tense. Mochammad Rifai stated (2011:189) if communicative approach is an effective technique to pass the knowledge from teacher to the student. By using it, there will be higher chances that student will be able to master the grammar pretty fast. The advantages to use communicative Approach in activities to learn Present Tense are it use less time to teach the students and teachers will be able to know the students that have hard time in understanding Present Tense.

Activities that often used in Communicative Approach are like as, discussing a topic, Telling the story and reading a newspaper. Those activities will boost the skills in understanding grammars especially Present Tense. It is a good idea to learn or teach Present Tense in Activities by using Communicative Approach. I will conduct a research about this to support the whole opinion written in this article. If you require more info, kindly read Technique of teaching Present Tense through Communicative Activities using Quantum Teaching Method. As, usual, Any opinion and request can be written through comment form below. NISYA (Linatul Ainisiyah)

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