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Chapter 1 Skripsi A study on the Techniques of Teaching Vocabulary

After providing lots of example of every chapters in Skripsi, I see lots of people especially students still have errors in making their own Chapter One of Skripsi. This example is another chapter 1 given to public with a hope to guide student to create better Skripsi on their own. The example here have ben verified by the author of UNIROW ASIA and therefore it means students can use it as reference or basic draft in their work. Using this Chapter 1 as a draft should be easy as everything was provided as clear as possible.



In this chapter, the researcher presents introduction which consists of background of the study, statement of the problems, purposes of the study, significance of the study, limitation of the study, and definition of the key terms.

1.1 Background of the Study

A language is a meaningful way for communication (Soekemi, 1995:4). It means that a language is sound, which is produced, connected between the kinds of sounds the speakers of a language make and their culture. (A language is an instrument for communication).

English as foreign language is taught in Indonesia from elementary school until university level. They are some reasons why English has been taught in elementary school that is introduction English in early years is profitable for their basic in studying English furthermore. Another important reason is from psychological and linguistic point of view. The psychological conditions of the tenth years old and under children have good memory.

In addition, English subject can be taught in elementary school if it is needed by society and supported by a teacher who has ability to teach, so that at the end of elementary school the student has capacity of reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English. And to support for skill – language, it is needed language component that is vocabulary.

Vocabulary as one of the important aspect of English language will make the students easy to communicate to each other and master other aspects of language.

As we have known that in the English curriculum elementary students have to master vocabulary at least 500 words and to develop pupil’s vocabulary. The teacher must have teaching technique so that they can receive English easily, however the students must develop vocabulary themselves too. Actually that vocabulary is the foundation to learn English and vocabulary is one of the component of language, there is no language without vocabulary.

Vocabulary in English as a foreign language is taught at school for the purpose of providing the students the four language skills, they are listening, speaking, reading and writing. Some general statements say that techniques of teaching reading comprehension and other (Mujiono, 1993)

This study mainly concerns with the techniques of teaching English vocabulary at elementary school. Moreover, the role of the teacher’s competence of mastering the various techniques is very important to make the students to be able to do or achieve the aim of the instructional program on mastering vocabulary. Ur (1996) states “It is better to teach vocabulary in separated, spaced sessions than to teach it all at once”.

The writer may say that vocabulary is the important elements of language and it should be taught effectively and purposefully. To do it effectively, the teacher must have both theoretical and knowledge about subject matter. That theoretical are cognitive theory and creative construction theory. Ryan and Cooper (1984: 302) stated “To do this effectively the teacher must have theoretical, knowledge about learning and human behavior and knowledge about subject matter be taught”.

The writer believes that English is really important for the beginner and the interaction of teacher and learners are needed in teaching learning process.

In this skripsi, the writer tries to describe the Techniques of Teaching Vocabulary to Students of UNIROW ASIA.

1.2 Statement of the Problems

The writer intents to investigate the following matters:

1. What kinds of techniques are used by the teacher in teaching English vocabulary?

2. How does teacher apply the techniques in classroom?

3. How are the students attitude towards the techniques applied by the teacher?

1.3 Purposes of the Study

Based on the statement of the problems above, the purposes of the study are:

1. To described kind of techniques used by the teacher in teaching English vocabulary.

2. To described the implementation of those techniques in classroom.

3. To described the response from the students about this techniques.

1.4 Significance of the Study

The finding of the study are expected to give valuable information to serve as a feedback which contributes to improve the techniques in teaching learning process and finding the best the techniques of teaching English vocabulary and improve the knowledge about vocabulary items. The head master and the English teacher of UNIROW ASIA would know how well the teaching and learning has fulfilled the need of the pupil and achieve the goal of learning and teaching English.

1.5 Hypothesis

Hypothesis is primary answer of research problem, and it must be tested to get its truth. And usually it is used in research because the research will be directed to the problem being researched.

Based ob the opinion above, the writer feels it is necessary to state some hypothesis. Concerning with the research problem, the writer formulates the hypothesis as follows:

Ø If student mastery English vocabulary, they will be more active in teaching and learning process and can use or develop four English skills.

Ø The students is more interested in learning vocabulary with this techniques.

Ø If students mastery English vocabulary, they can be successful in their English study in Elementary School.

1.6 Limitation of the Study

This study that is carried out at UNIROW ASIA focuses on the aspect of English Language and also the techniques, because of limited times and energy, the writer limited the problem as follow:

1. The kind of techniques in teaching English vocabulary at UNIROW ASIA.

2. The implementation of those techniques on the fifth year students at UNIROW ASIA.

1.7 Definition of Key Terms

To avoid misunderstanding in the interpretation of words used in this research, the terms used are as follow:

1. Study : The activity of the learning or gaining knowledge from book (Hornby As, 1995: 187)

2. Techniques : The ways of presenting the material of vocabulary to the students that take places in the classroom (Prasasti Enik, 2004: 6)

3. Teaching : The activities done by the teacher in presenting English material (Horny As, 1974: 150)

4. Vocabulary : List of words with their meanings, especially at the back of a book used for teaching a foreign language. (Hornby As, 1992 : 46)

This Chapter 1 shouldn’t be copied as creating it require hard work. Using it as example is encouraged as it use standard acceptable Thesis and Essay. This Chapter 1 is following the  guidelines and standard procedures in creating good Essay, Thesis and Skripsi. Any question or opinion should be written in the comment. NISYA (Linatul Ainisiyah).
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