Wednesday , June 3 2020

New Research: Students really love to learn harder in their favorites lessons

Getting high marks in every task at schools is really important for students. Most of the times, they will learn about their study in order to achieve it. This is why many students get great result in exam. They got it through hard works that were not easy. It made me think if students really love to study hard in their daily activities. To support this idea, a simple research was done few days ago. The population of the subject is 35 and the sample was taken ten students. This is based on the guidelines to make a research from Mochammad Rifai that stated if the population is less than 75 subject, a researcher should only take ten until twenty sample. The sample will represent all the population. The data for the research is shown below.

Thirty five students were chosen as subject of the study and were added to the population. The population was being selected again to get the sample. Ten students were chosen and added to the sample that will represent the whole population. The decision was based on the Mochammad Rifai’s statement in taking sample from population. Sample was chosen using random sampling data. To get more idea about sample or sampling data used in research please read Defintion and list of sample data used in research for more in-depth info.

The research take two days and the individuals chosen as the sample was given a questionnaire and interview. The detailed list of questions available in the questionnaire will not being listed here as it may not that important. Only the result will be written here. The same things applied in the conversations. Students were asked about their daily activities related with their role as student. Most of them answered learning is the first activities. They also stated if they study hard in the night. The questionnaire were successfully returned the data as expected before. Nothing new in the questionnaire. However, in conversation, student were asked using some combination of secret techniques to retrieve the data by asking about question related with their job as students. The questions were very special as it uses indirect question that looks like have no relation with the topic. Indirect questions always used by experts to get valuable data from the people without they realize it. The result is awesome.

It seems student really love to learn harder in their daily activities. However, they only did it for their favorite lessons. Let’s says they love math and biology, they will learn both of them harder than others studies. This fact is gathered after they tell the stories if they have greater marks in their favorite studies and not in other studies. By combining the data and analyzing the gathered info, as a researcher, I can conclude if they only learn harder in their favorite lessons.

The research was ended successfully yesterday and analyzing the data took one full day. This is an awesome data that can be used by anyone who really need it. Just an info for any researchers, Please ask the subjects to agree with the research that will be done before collecting the data. The privacy is really important for anyone. I have seen lots of people gathering the data without asking permission from the subject. It is a duty of a researcher to remember another when they want collecting the data. NISYA (Linatul Ainisiyah)

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