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Simple Explanation and Definition of Figurative Language

In daily activities, people interact with others by using communications. Latest research by Mochammad Rifai from UNIROW ASIA stated “In modern era, people interact with another in many ways. They interact using action, communication and others. The most activities used in the interaction is communication that uses conversation through speaking and text”.

Sometimes, in conversation, people tend to describe a something using their own feeling. The use of expression generally called as Figuring a something. In an easy explanation, when people describe a something using their own feeling, they may using figurative language in the conversation. Figurative Language can be identified easily. To recognize whether a sentence is using figurative language or not is by analyzing it. If there is comparison, then figurative language may exist. Comparing two subjects using own opinion that widely used in society is called as using figurative language. There are many kinds of figurative languages and not all of them compare two subjects or more. If there are comparison or the sentence is using uncommon statement, then there will be high chance figurative language is used in it.

The definition of Figurative language is bypassing the literal meaning to deepen, broaden, or bring about new ideas or insights into a word or phrase. In many ways, figurative language is an expression to describe a something based on their own opinion that is generally used at society, in which abstract terms are used in place of concrete description. REVIEW OF RELATED THEORY based in Figurative Language may hold better description.

Not all kinds of figurative languages were used in conversation. In fact, most of them were occasionally used in conversation. It will be really hard to find a someone using it in conversation. While most of them were seldom used in sentences, there are few kinds of Figurative Languages often used in daily conversation. That kind of Figurative languages were used very often and become popular. The popularity of it in conversation make it represent as the whole figurative languages. This is why lots of people mistakenly think if figurative languages was only about them. Many kinds of figurative Languages will be explained in future as this post only limited to describe and define figurative language with own perspective. kindly read Simple tutorial on how to use figurative languages in sentences for greater info. Thanks for reading this. NISYA (Linatul Ainisiyah)

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