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Simple Tutorial on How to use Figurative Language in Sentences

People sometimes using abbreviation to describe a something. The use of abbreviation and other informal language in sentences or conversation can be defined as implementing Figurative Language. Using figurative language in sentences is not that difficult. When all kinds of Figurative Languages have been learnt, there will be no difficulties at all in using it at sentences and conversations.

Quoted from UNIROW-STITMA.NET’s previous post in REVIEW OF RELATED THEORY based in Figurative Language, the term “figurative language” refers to bypassing the literal meaning to deepen, broaden, or bring about new ideas or insights into a word or phrase. In many ways, figurative language is a description, in which abstract terms are used in place of concrete description. Figurative Language can be used in every conversation. In fact, other people seems to have better understanding in the topic of conversation if we sue figurative languages. Here is tutorial on how to use Figurative Language in daily activities.

  1. Observe the situation before using figurative languages. Analyzing the situation is important key in using figurative languages successfully.
  2. Think of a something that have the same description with the topic being analyzed. Is there any other things with the same description with the selected topic.
  3. Use the different informal languages that comply with the standard of figurative languages. Implement it in the sentences or conversations.

It maybe hard to understand three steps above but after reading the example below, there will be no doubt that it will be much simpler than what it looks like. Here is the example based on the three step above:

Linatul Ainisiyah is busy as bee.

First step, Observe the situation. The word to observe is ‘BUSY’.
Second, Think of a something that have the similar meaning. ‘BEE’ is an animal that always works all the times.
Last step, the word ‘BEE’ is used to describe busy. The person in ‘Linatul Ainisiyah’ was described as ‘BEE’ because ‘SHE’ is working all the times and so with ‘BEE’. By using figurative language, other will understand it better.

To understand about it, lets read the three easy step to identify Figurative languages. Let’s take the sentence “Linatul Ainisiyah is busy as bee” for an example. Analyzing it to decide whether it is a figurative language or not is important. There is three easy step to determine whether a sentence or conversation is a figurative Language or not in .

1. The first step (write each sentences in a paper by using pencil or ballpoint):

  • Linatul Ainisiyah is busy as bee.

2. Underline words (which contains ‘as’,’that’ and ‘like’):

  • Linatul Ainisiyah is busy as bee

3. Find the comparison to determine whether it is a figurative language or not (by reading couple of times and analyzing each words.)

  • The sentence ‘Linatul Ainisiyah is busy as bee’ is a figurative language. The reason are there is word “as” (bold and underlined above) and the sentence contain comparison. The sentence compare two of things. Linatul Ainisiyah is compared with Bee. It uses word “as” to compare Linatul Ainisiyah with Bee. The words: ‘as’,’that’ and ‘like’ were used to determine whether it is figurative language or not. The reason can be found in the first link above.

There is an AN ANALYSIS OF FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE ON JAKARTA POST which contains analyzed sentences in Jakarta Post to get the figurative languages. For any students, teachers and lecturers who find an example of implementation Figurative Languages in SKRIPSI, head over to an Example of Essay or Skripsi in FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE at UNIROW TUBAN that contains background of the study and other sections in Chapter 1. Example of CHAPTER V Conclusion and Suggestion in SKRIPSI or Thesis about Figurative Language contains the elements usually available in Chapter V of SKRIPSI or Thesis. Using figurative language in sentences  can be easy after we define the figurative language. Reading novels or newspapers to get figurative comparison and figurative language words are essential to learn faster. Occasionally, there will be Figurative language pictures  in books or other medias. To determine whether it is figurative language images or not is almost the same as the steps provided above. Pictures of figurative language contains comparison as what have been explained above. By identifying figurative language found in many medias such as books, magazines and others, You will have your own figurative language definition. The definition of figurative language is not that important. The important is determine the figurative language in sentences. If you were able to determine figurative languages in sentences or conversations, you’ll probably know better definition of Figurative language.

This article or posting about Simple Tutorial on How to use Figurative Language in Sentences is written by NISYA (Linatul Ainisiyah) for -STITMA.NET

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