Sunday , May 31 2020

Some Suggestions in Writing correct Essay or Skripsi also Thesis

Writing both thesis and Skripsi can be fun if we use an easy method while writing an easy isn’t that hard at all. Student will face several issues in their learning process to create an Essay, Thesis and Skripsi. Hence, it is recommended to learn on how to use essay first then head to Skripsi and last, make a thesis. By following the suggestion above, Student will face less problems in their learning process and that mean, they will have greater chances to success than before. Below are some suggestion before creating Essay and Skripsi or even a Thesis.

  1. Know the object and Subject of the topic. While it is important to fully understand about the subject, an object posses the same necessity as well. Therefore, student should pay attention on both subject and object as well.
  2. Make a schema of your work. It is better to create the skeleton of your work before realize your ideas into working sheets. A schema will make it easier to improve any available ideas without hassle.
  3. Verify on the structure of the documents. It is necessary to understand the structure of the document in order to unleash any available optimizations. If you were writing Skripsi or thesis, just learn on what should available in it and what is unnecessary to include. As an example, a chapter one until Chapter five are necessary while in chapter 1 it should contains Background of the study, definition of the key terms and limitation of the study, many other sections or parts like as research planning, Research data and Research ideas are not necessary to be included in that category. Basically, you have to learn on what is important and what is not worth to learn.

The suggestions above only apply to the students who were trying to figure on what should be written in their worksheet when it come to create Skripsi or Thesis. For another students that have te skills in creating essay, the suggestions above can be ignored. The same thing applied for both of Skripsi and Thesis as well. It is safe to completely ignore the suggestions above if students were having some skills in understanding thesis and skripsi.


  1. I love reading your articles. Keep writing the topic and I will rad more articles πŸ™‚

  2. I love reading your articles. Keep writing the topic and I will rad more articles πŸ™‚

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