Thursday , June 4 2020

Top Five Activities in Learning English faster and easily

Student in local areas have been interviewed and the result is awesome. While in University, I did a research to get the insight on how the smart students learn in their daily activities. The result of the research was never published due to waiting for some permission from Mochammad Rifai as we were working as a team in the past. The student researched in the study were fifty excellent student from international school in our area. All of them were picked up from various classes and from various grade. Basically, they were better than the best student in local areas. The result of the research will be explicitly showed up as basic data while the result of the interview will be posted here as regular data.

The interview was done yesterday and only consist of seven students. I know, this is really small research as I did it while visiting my colleague in her school. Seven students were selected from various class and also from different grades. They were selected because their marks were never goes done. In the interview, the students seems really excited as there is no research about it before. The result will not going to be shown using table and detailed statistic along with questions because it still lack of references and also the data were still being analyzed by the ‘unnoticed professor’ for reliability and credibility before posted in local journal. However, the result will be posted as simple data to give an insight for public.

All students answered the question easily and have no problems in expressing their answers. They seems really excited and by watching the recorded interview, I can see they really love it. All of them were asked the same questions. They were separated each others and interviewed directly face to face. All students said they didn’t use special methods in learning English. All the students even said if they just did their regular activities and didn’t realize their wonderful skills. The answers give the first impression if their activities are the ‘suspects’ that increase their skills. Here are top five activities in Learning English faster and easier:

  1. Playing Addictive and useful games. Local reviewed students plays scrabbles regularly. It is their favorite games played with their friends and family.
  2. Chatting, texting and speaking with the people whom have the same interest using English as the primary languages. The students love to do all those activities while at home and they spend lots of times doing it.
  3. Writing and  recording their activities in a book or other digital tools. Five of the students also write it in their diary while the rest using their phones to write and records their activities.
  4. Watching English movies. It seems the students did this in their daily activities and it is a good idea to try it at home.
  5. Listening to Music. Listen the favorite music may able to increase the skills. I never noticed if listening the music will improve the skills greatly. I knew it will increase skills but no that much. It looks like I may wrong.

All of the students in the review granted the permission to publish the result and the school have no problem to publish the data for public use. However, to maintain the privacy, all the name and location will not going to be published. All the result written in this article is subject to be updated again as it only the first impression while analyzing the data. After the team consist of prof and me analyze it, the data maybe posted here. This result were almost the same as the research conducted by me and Mochammad Rifai several years ago. Anyone can use the data in this article and whenever there is a question or opinion, please write it in the comment form. The inbox in my emails were full of questions and idea and it make me unable to check this site regularly. Sometimes, reading all of the message take more than ten hours which is tedious work IMO. So, please send it through comment form. It is fine to use any languages here as long as I understand about it. Don’t be shy. Btw, if you had any references, kindly inform me also by using the comment form. 🙂 NISYA (Linatul Ainisiyah).

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