Wednesday , June 3 2020

Top Five activities to easily improve English speaking skills without learning

English speaking skills is necessary for students in local areas and worldwide. English as the famous international language is being taught at schools. Students should have good skills in speaking English as it will greatly help them in many aspects. Without speaking skills, there will be less information available. Speaking skills will make anyone able to interact with many people worldwide.

These are the top five activities that can be used to easily improve the English Speaking skills:

  1. Doing conversation with native speakers. Speaking skills will be easily improved using this method. Just by talking with them, lots of improvements and new knowledge will be available to learner. Sometimes, it will be hard to realize if the skills have been improved. This is true because the people who doing conversation with native speakers all the time didn’t notice if they have their skills improved. They just think it was really easy to have conversation with native speakers. Well, that is a sign if the skill have been improved without learning.
  2. Watching Television each day in the night will greatly improve the skills. Watching movies especially the English movie will make the people know lots of new vocabularies and how to use them. In television, there are lots of characters that speak different accent and different setting. It will not only teach them to speak, sometimes the movie will teach them to express it using the facial expression. Why should watching in the night? It is due to flexibility and in night people need rest. Watching a something before sleeping will make them remember it for longer periods.
  3. Watching videos in the internet. Internet is great sources for English movies. It is more powerful if used properly. People able to choose the right videos that can be used to make them understand lots of skill in pronoun words and sentences. The downside it is require Internet connection and right tools such as computer or laptops. Choosing the right choice of videos will greatly enhance the skills while selecting improper videos will result the opposite.
  4. Listening the English radio thorough Mobile phone. This is the easiest method that can be done in every times. Just selecting the right channel and star listening the conversation. This is the recommended method as it also will make people able to interact with other. Why using mobile phones? it is because mobile phone is easily carried away anywhere and when it is necessary to talk over the air, just use the phone and talk it with the broadcasters.
  5. Playing games will make people able to speaks English easily. Lots of games have been released in this year and many of them contains excessive conversation that will make gamer understand lots of words and sentences used by the characters. The speaking skills improved through gaming is by far the greatest method that require nothing other than just keep playing. However, lots of gamers tend to forget and waste useful times. It is really controversial to improve speaking skills through games. Even the skills have been improved, lots of things like as interactions and other social activities may be reduced as well just by playing games. But it depend on the person.

Have any ideas on improving speaking English without learning? Share it here. NISYA (Linatul Ainisiyah).

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