Monday , June 1 2020

Understanding an analysis of figurative language

Figurative Language is widely used in conversations and also at social media interactions like as Facebook and twitter both using sentences and sounds. Using Figurative Language in conversation can be really fun. Sometimes, we need to describe a something using interesting sentences and this is the main reason why figurative language is so important. We can describe a something without using figurative language but it will like as making a statement in which people may have no interest in hearing it. Figurative language in the contrary have different effect. Using it in conversation is just like as rolling the opinion about a something and most of the times, people will love to hear it. Combine figurative language with humor and the conversation will be more interesting. But don’t try it all the times. It depend on the individuals and also the current situations.

To analysis the figurative language, let’s read these sentences. Here is the first sentence: “Nisya is really cute girl”. The second sentence “Nisya is cute as Bunny”. It is time to analyze both sentences. The first sentence, “Nisya is really cute” have plain definition. Everyone know about it and this sentence is normal to be used in every conversation. The second sentence in the contrary have broader definition as it didn’t plain sentence. It uses several combination that is really complex. The second sentence is an example of figurative language. The word “NISYA” and “BUNNY” are really important. The fists word “NISYA” is being explained by the last word “BUNNY” while the conjunction or other simple word “AS” in “nisya is cute AS bunny” is the indication if this sentence using figurative language. Many figurative language uses “as” in the sentences. The easiest method to identify whether the sentences is figurative language or not is by seeking the word “as” in it.

“BUNNY” which was mentioned in the sentence “NISYA is cute as BUNNY” is a something to describe the subject or the person in the sentence. It is a good idea to select the proper word when we would like to make a figurative language. The word bunny is really popular and thus make it suitable in that sentence. To be able to use figurative language successfully, always pay attention in the word that will explain the subject. This word must be well known by the people or the figurative language will fail. You may want to change the word BUNNY with MIAW and people will still able to understand. But how if we change it into another weird words? ladies and Gentleman, you may want to Figure it out by yourself 😀 (NISYA / Linatul Ainisiyah).

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