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Improving Speaking Skills through Semantic Mapping in Senior High Schools

IMPROVING SPEAKING SKILL THROUGH SEMANTIC MAPPING ON XI GRADE OF SCIENCE IN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 1 PLUMPANG is an example of Skripsi created by Irna Diana and the team including me as the author. Speaking skill should be the first priority for any students whom study in English department. Irna Diana is a student in UNIROW while Linatul Ainisiyah is in the same team whom graduated from Local University in 2010.

Here is the basic Outline which often called as abstract from a skripsi titled “IMPROVING SPEAKING SKILL THROUGH SEMANTIC MAPPING ON XI GRADE OF SCIENCE IN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 1 PLUMPANG”.

Language is a communication that have been agreed by communities to be used as the communication tools. Language has two simple version. It can be oral or writing . “Language is widely used communication created by the communities to communicate” (Mochammad Rifai, 2006:11). Learning language is easy once they understand the basic formula of it. For most people, learning language require nothing other than keep communicate with the people whom speaking with that language. It means, the best way to learn language is by interacting with native speakers. This is why speaking skills can be really important early on while learning foreign languages.

Improving speaking skills through semantic mapping is a new way in both teaching and learning english. it is not for beginner and therefore this article will focus on revealing the basic things in learning foreign languages faster. To achieve that goal, the paragraph above have reveal it. Just communicate with the real people whom using the foreign languages. It can be simple but also quite hard for beginner.

Let’s read the fact about it. Communicate is an activity to interact with other people using the language that is understandable for both parties. This is the main problem. I have stated previously if speaking with foreigner can be quite hard. It is due to the language used by both parties were different. Learners are forced to use the languages used by the foreigner because they need to learn it. However, foreigner will not be able to enjoy the conversation because they couldn’t understand on what the learners want.

Communication should be understandable for both parties. So the hardest challenge for learners are making the foreigner understand on what they want to say. Using their skills in communicating will not help as they lack of that skills at that moment. To help eliminate the problems, they can use images and dictionaries. It will make foreigners able to understand the conversation. Thus, make learners gain more speaking skills by communicate with native speakers.

In the skripsi and journal also article posted in this post, It is not advised to use that techniques as it will consume lots of times. It was shown in this page to give everyone an overview if learning speaking skills can be quite easy without using any method and just communicate with native speakers. The Skripsi in this page will give anyone a technique on how to improve speaking skills using Semantic Mapping. For anyone whom didn’t understand on what is Semantic Mapping, other author in this page will explain about it later. As for now, I’ll going to explain a simple description of it.

Semantic Mapping is a Strategy that is applied in speaking to improve the skills by combining and chaining several ideas. Speaking skills can be upgraded quite easy and fast using this method. Chaining ideas to improve the reading skills can be really effective at certain situation. Based on my own experiences, It is not recommended to use it all the time. Depend on location and situation, this new method can be really huge help in improving speaking skills. read more info about it in Top Five activities to easily improve English speaking skills without learning.

Further research and article about improving speaking skills will be posted here by another author. Please understand if all authors are doing researches at this time. Any question related with the method on how to Improve Speaking Skills through Semantic Mapping in Senior High Schools can be written in the comment form or via inbox.

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