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Journal on teaching reading using quantum learning method to local students with attractive Images

Journal how to teach reading using quantum learning method

Mochammad Rifai (2012)

This is about a journal that was released few days ago only for local teachers whom need to develop their skills in teaching their students. The journal contains hundreds of new and old ways in teaching students, tested and verified by Linatul Ainisiyah and Irna Diana. It is an experience from the writer that will be shared to the public when further research have been done. It may take longer than the expected times. The result written in this page is only a first output of the research. Normally, there will be more than three and up to twelve further researches to prove and support the first result.

Teaching using Quantum Teaching Method had been published in UNIROW STITMA.NET by Linatul Ainisiyah under the title Journal how to Teach Reading using Quantum Learning Method. The journal then explained in several posts based on the techniques used in teaching. In one of the article, Ainisiyah explained the affectivity in using Quantum Teaching Method at how to make clear communications in quantum teaching. In category SKRIPSI, Ainisiyah has published the details in New example of chapter 1 skripsi a study on the techniques of teaching vocabulary at UNIROW ASIA.

Teaching Reading using Quantum Method along with attracting images is a new way that is used by Arick to help local teachers in speeding up the learning process. This technique is the most effective way of teaching at the moment in local area. There are few reasons why it is needed:

  1. Students can focus in learning but unable to keep focus if the learning process took more times. The standard times for effective teaching as stated by Ainisiyah is  two hours. Each hour has forty five minutes.
  2. Students loves to read but their mood will gone quickly due to unattractive stories.
  3. The fatigue make students unable to keep reading for long times.

The technique developed by Mochammad Rifai along with help from Linatul Ainisiyah and Irna Diana found a new way to eradicate the problems. Teaching reading can be quite easier by using this method. Students are given lots of attractive pictures and they need to guess the stories. Then, the teacher will explain the stories after they guess it. There are more than three stories for those images. It will make students really love to read the stories and the teaching progress can be quite easier.

Teaching using above method still require lot’s of teacher skills. It is because students may lose their mood faster without teacher’s skills in comfort them. Quantum Teaching add joy to learning progress. The teachers are required to bring joy to the class. They don’t need to be funny all the times instead make students keep focus on the storylines. It is not an easy job but if practiced properly, both students and teachers will find the learning progress to be exciting. Joy and attracting images are the key for this successful method. To make students enjoy the lesson, just make a good conversations with them. To get attractive images are not easy. Examine the latest situation and take the images but filter it to only good pictures. As a teacher, keep study harder to get the new way in teaching faster with great result. (Mochammad Rifai)

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