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Learn faster Identify Figurative Language in Article

Figurative Language which is well known as unique way to express the feeling by using selected words can be identified pretty easy. For new learner, it may sound hard but with lots of practice, it can be quite easy. Understanding a figurative language is not necessary if the purpose is just to identify whether the sentences are using figurative languages or not. However, it is best to understand all the kinds of figurative languages.

Figurative language has been explained in previous article. This post will give simple insight and new way to identify article whether there are figurative languages or not. using this technique, everyone will be able to identify it faster. Here are the step by step on how to identify it:

  1. Read the articles couple of times. For almost all people, reading an article just once will not enough to understand the content. Read it couple of times will give better chance to understand the topic.
  2. Understand the Topic and make first hypothesis of it. Writing it on paper is recommended for beginner. The topic is important and will help to determine the content. Identifying figurative language will be easier if the reader understand the topic. In fact, without understanding the topic, beginners will find it almost impossible to identify Figurative languages.
  3. Detect any sentences that may have different meaning than what it supposed to be. For example, if the sentences said “keep moving forward to the hallway”, then it means no figurative languages as it ask to move into hallway. However, if the sentences stated “Keep moving forward and reach your dream”, then it surely a figurative language. The reason is the sentences encourage people to get their dream. The article can just written “Study hard and you’ll success” instead.
  4. Figurative languages often placed in the first and last sentences in paragraph.

There are already many techniques on identifying the figurative languages in this site. Just navigating to the bottom section of this page and select the proper category in Figurative Language. To identify Figurative language faster, follow these few guidelines:

  1. Learn about Figurative languages. More skills can be obtained quite fast by study about it everyday.
  2. Figurative languages has different meaning compared to what was written in the sentences.
  3. Practice to detect and using figurative languages everyday. Figurative languages present in many articles. Just searching and highlighting whenever it present.

Following three guidelines above will help. Currently, the writer is discussing the best ways to identify figurative languages with other authors. It will be written in the nest article. For anyone whom seeking for help, I have to announce that all the authors were busy in doing research and will be back after the project done.

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