Sunday , May 31 2020

Teach English faster by introducing Local Language in the process

Learn English faster by understanding local language means an activity that perform some analyzing on the local language. The local Language that will be analyzed at this stage is “DUTA ILMU”. In English it mean the missionary of knowledge. Understanding local language is important in order to teach English faster. Mother language is the key of successful teaching in ESL schools.

Teaching English faster is the dream of every teacher. The use of local language in teaching is recommended. Let’s take a closer look on the reason below:

  1. Local language is the intermediary in communication between students and teachers. Using Local language while teaching English is encouraged. However it is best to choose the right option based on the skills of the students. If the students were quite understand on the topic than go ahead using full english language but when the students have hard time understanding the english language (usually happen in basic classes), it is best to stick with combination of English and Local Language. Sometimes it is best to use only the local language to teach English. The purpose is making students understand english pretty fast and using local language in this case is allowed (Mochammad Rifai 2006:145). Read more about it in Conclusion and Suggestion after doing Research on the use of LI in ESL/EFL classroom.
  2. Students seem to have good reactions with the use of local languages. While teaching english in local schools, it seems they really enjoy the teaching progress when the teachers were using local languages than full english. In one of statement, Mochammad Rifai mentioned “Students only react positively if teachers were using languages that they understood”. Off course it depend on the teacher’s skills to take the student’s attention. However, even the smartest teacher would face lots of challenges if they keep forcing using full english language in teaching local students.
  3. Local Languages are easy to understand than English itself. Explaining an english words using english sentences will make students unable to follow the lessons. However, using local languages to explain english words seems to work best. Students were understand the point pretty clearly.
  4. There are lots opinions stating if using non english languages to explain English words will make students unable to improve their skills. Well, those are wrong opinions. Student’s skills will improve or remain the same is because of their effort in learning. If they learn harder, the skills will improve pretty fast. Local languages will make them able to learn faster. So, suing local languages in learning process is definitely required.
  5. local languages implementation in teaching progress at local schools have been started by Mohammad Rifai had been started in 2010 and still continue till now. With lots of benefits in using combination of both local language and english itself, the teaching process goes fine and students able to learn english faster. There is a record saved in the library. Someday, it may going to be published in this site as well.

Those five reasons above are based on my own opinions. In future, there might be a research to strengthen those hypothesis. Currently, there is only a researcher interested in this subject.

Duta Ilmu is another general words which are well known by every local teachers. This post will not explain the definition for those local languages. However, There are two previous posts related with DUTA ILMU. Both of them are HOW DUTA ILMU TUBAN WORKS and Meeting with an owner of DUTA ILMU TUBAN. I have to warn you if both articles have no direct relation with learning english faster by understanding implementing local languages in teaching progress. it just inserted here to give the clear example of local languages that is combined with english.

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