Thursday , June 4 2020

Some Tips for teacher in teaching Vocabulary to student

There are several ways in teaching vocabulary to local student. Vocabulary is an important part in learning foreigner language such as English. Understanding and able to use grammar is not enough to construct a good sentences. Vocabularies were really important if anyone willing to create great sentences as there will be lots of selection of words. To make it quick, here is an article that was written by Irna Diana, a contributor to this site. She isn’t an author in this site and might be added in future.


stitmapropertyTeaching new English vocabulary to local student is not so hard or evens an easy job. Some of various techniques are used to present new vocabulary. This new vocabulary is not only just adding to the vocabulary stock or even just to memorize, but also on how the student can apply in conversation or written form. The depth of knowledge about new vocabulary is more important. It is important to know how the student can apply it in any context form, so that they know where they have to make sentence using this word or another word. It needs an effort to make them understand with the new word. Students are not being able to force in understanding of new vocabulary. Making students understand with the new vocabulary is not an easy job, isn’t it? It is more difficult than to ask them to memorize it. Therefore, there are several top tips in teaching vocabulary to local student. In order teaching vocabulary more easily to the students so that they can easily to memorize and also understand the vocabulary itself.

Make a funny activity! Obviously, the atmosphere while teaching vocabulary is important. Don’t ever get student bored with class. Once making them bored, it will hard to teach them a new vocabulary. Moreover, it is a must to make them understand with the new vocabulary. How could you make them understand if they are not already interesting with the lesson? Yes, it needs an extra fun activity to encourage the student to learn and understand new word. Perhaps, teaching vocabulary by using proper games are excellent choices. There are some choices of games that are used to present new vocabulary. It could be by guessing picture, guessing new word by gesture and facial expression, and many other games which involve the student more active and enjoy learning new vocabulary. These activities are best to put it on in the pre-teaching vocabulary, so that they can open their mind, accept the vocabulary easily and easily to understand the word. Once the students interested in the teaching vocabulary process, it will easily to make them understand the word!

After the students interested in the teaching vocabulary process, the next steps which is crucial to make them understand with the word itself. Semantic mapping is the best technique in teaching vocabulary. Semantic mapping is a technique of teaching vocabulary that divided word into some of sub-categorized. It is believed that student more easily and faster to memorize, mastery and adept knowledge about the word. By this technique, the students are able to know the synonym of the word, the antonym of the word, some of related to the word and many others function of the word. The implementation of semantic mapping in teaching vocabulary is believed easy to teach vocabulary. It is also believed not only to make students better in depth knowledge about the word, but also to make students have more and more word that can be added in vocabulary stock.

Another top tips in teaching vocabulary is open minded! Basically teaching vocabulary is to present a new word. Perhaps, it is an easy thing to do.

The article about TOP TIPS TEACHING VOCABULARY TO LOCAL STUDENT was written by Irna Diana and it presented at this blog intact without any modification. Feel free to drop any of your opinions in this page. Any typos and grammatical structures are subject to be edited by the writer of the article.

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