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Some References About Present Tenses

In the end of the year, all the authors of this site were busy doing their activities. We were gathering with our big families and doing lots of useful things. However, we agreed not to leave this site outdated and here I am, writing this post. As for the title above, we will list all resources in this site about Present Tenses only. All resources here were written from our own experiences and have been tested successfully. We will write here our experiences while teaching lots of students whom didn’t understand about English until they fully aware of the lesson. Maybe in half year later as we still have lots of things to be reported. Currently we have more than fifty students and keep growing. We teach people for free and always like that from the beginning till now. What we ask are simple. Dedication and motivation, both of them are really important.

To make it short, here are references about Present Tenses. We already aware the fact if our references might be insufficient so don’t report about it here. We will update it later.

  1. An Overview of English Simple Tenses used in Grammar.
  2. An Overview of Simple Present Tense Used in Grammar.
  3. An Overview of All English Verb Tenses used in Grammar.
  4. Learning PRESENT TENSE in ACTIVITIES by using communicative Approach.
  5. Research Proposal about Teaching Simple Present Tense.
  6. technique of teaching present tense through communicative activities using Quantum Teaching Method.
  7. studying present tense using quantum teaching method through Communicative activities to the tenth years student.
  8. Example of Skripsi about Tenses designed for student UNIROW.
  9. All Resources about Tenses and Skripsi in UNIROW-STITMA.NET.

The references consists of Definition of Simple Present Tense and how to use it in daily activities. There are some interesting journals along with research about present tenses and how to teach students using it. While you were reading about present tenses, don’t forget to drop any of your comment in the proper articles listed in the references above. Happy reading folks.

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