Friday , June 5 2020

Playing games with Family in the End of year

It is four days before the new year started. To be precise, it is three days and three hours  left. I was thinking lots of things about the past. I have done many jobs and suddenly I though about enjoying life. It seems I was working too hard and have less times to gather with my whole family. All of my families works harder and didn’t aware of the fact if we were separated each others because of our activities. I believe there will be good times when we were playing and talking all the day.

First thing first, I contacted my sisters and both of them agree to spend the days by gathering with our big families. My uncles and Aunts gave the same responds when I told them the plan. My big families will gather and we would talking about the past. Watching my parents grow older make me sad. All of us will not be able to avoid it when the times has come. This is why we have to spend the times by doing lots of interesting useful activities and not just working all the times. I imagined become very old and realizing my whole life were spent just by working.

We love playing Games. Scrabble is my sister’s favorite game. She could played it till evening and didn’t feel tired at all. I love writing and playing Volley Ball. Not all peoples able to play it. My big families didn’t too familiar with volley ball. So, I just doing some passing with my uncle. Just two of us. We talked about many things while playing the game. My parents love to play chest. In fact, all of our big family love it. I did never win against my parent. I didn’t sad. I just feel it is really good moment to watch my parents smile and laughing after winning the games. I’m playing not for win but to watch the happy. I love doing that and always hope there would be the same moments again in future.

While playing games with family could be so fun, I will list here some links that mybe useful for others. Happy end of the year and don’t forget to spend the times with family.

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