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Proper Thesis structure

Thesis structures consist of many complex aspects that will form good and readable content based on standard useful content for education. Students have to adhere with the rules carried on by their own universities. In each universities, there are rules that may differ each others. The differences were only in the structures and the format it uses. The content and standard writing thesis remain same in every places.

To write proper thesis structure, there are several information that may useful in making thesis. First, a structure in thesis has no specific rules. If you were asking “Is there a particular thesis structure I have to follow?”. Then the answer would be “yes and no”. Actually There are exclusive conventions to certain disciplines about Thesis structures and it’s content. These structures were created to help the students creating good structures while at the same times while help them producing good and useful thesis that will enrich the human knowledge. Well structured thesis gives the reader the most accessible way of seeing why the research in thesis was done, how it was done and, most importantly, what has been achieved.Thesis structures

To give simple definition of well structured Thesis, read each explanation below.

INTRODUCTION and SIGNIFICANCE of THE STUDY. These sections available in the beginning of the Thesis and it consist of the reason why the Thesis was being created. Just write your ideas why it is important to make Thesis. Asking this simple question will help: “Why am I doing it?”. Write all of your answers into INTRODUCTION and SIGNIFICANCE.

The next section would be:

REVIEW of RESEARCH and IDENTIFYING GAPS. These sections were important to cover all information related with the hypotheses of the research. Just write the know facts about the topic and what the unknown aspects that others should aware of. Asking both simple questions will help: “What is known?” and “What is unknown?”. Write the answer on any paper and add it to REVIEW of RESEARCH and IDENTIFYING GAPS.

Head over to next section.

AIMS. This section need special focus. Answer this question: “What I do hope to discover?” and write the answer to this section. What you want to achieve and any idea you may desire belong to this section.

Continue to the next step.

METHODOLOGY. Methodology is a section that will reveal the method to finish the research. All experiments and researches surely need methods to accomplish the goals. Ask this question to help finishing this section: “How am I going to discover it?”.


RESULTS. After tedious works, it is the times to write the result with lots of explanations. This section was designed for that purposes. “What I have found?” is the best question to help filling this section.

Move on.

DISCUSSION. Lots of discussion about the topic goes here. “What does it mean?” will help to start the conversations. Fill it with discussion related with the research.


CONCLUSIONS. This is the last structure in THESIS. Write here any important things about the research. Asking these questions will help to finish this section. “So what? What are the possible applications or recommendations?” and “What contribution does it make to knowledge? What next?”.

The information on how to write proper thesis structures could be used as reference. However, there are different rules in each universities. Most likely the structures will remain same but occasionally, Occasionally a thesis is written which does not in any way comply with this structure. The important thing is not about how the structure looks good but How the readers get the information easily. Readers is the first priorities. Therefore, each universities should understand if the information in Thesis must be easily read to make it easier on understanding the content. The convention already discover this and each universities should understand about it. (Read also Choosing proper best Thesis title – ARICK).

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