Thursday , June 4 2020

Simple definition of SKRIPSI for student

Skripsi is the last assignment for student who learn in university. Skripsi is a scientific paper which contains lots of ideas, knowledge, and researches. Many students in different classes or departments were seeking for new ideas to create good skripsi. To give you clear information, here are some guideless in creating good Skripsi:

  1. Skripsi must be genuine and never being published or created in the past. A duplicate or copy of Skripsi will not going to be accepted by lecturer and most of them didn’t tolerate it. However, Reworked Skripsi can be accepted as long as it give more information and benefits than the older Skripsi. Adding more data will help greatly.
  2. Skripsi should describe the point clearly. A title in skripsi must follow some rules. One of them is it have to be clearly describe the contents and its benefits. While it can be little troublesome, choosing the right title can be done just by examining the reason why the Skripsi was being made.
  3. Skripsi should be done within specified times. Usually it take six months to complete it. If student unable to complete it within the deadlines, they can continue on the project in the next year which mean their graduation times will took longer than the schedules. It is important to finish the Skripsi on times. For most peoples, Times was not a problem, finding the suitable sources of knowledge were the real troubles.
  4. Skripsi must be supported with lots of supporting ideas. The reason is simple, without supporting ideas it will have no different with others documents such as journals or research papers. Skripsi is more complicated than a journal and research papers. However, both of them were the basic principals in Skripsi. By stating supporting ideas, it means lots of literatures and statements from many experts in their fields. Choosing the high valuables statements and literatures are more important than importing huge literature which have no direct relation with the Skripsi. Always choose Quality over Quantity. Always avoid using excessive literatures and statements and start exposing your own opinion backed up by the fact on your researches. All student should open up their minds while creating Skripsi. Just remember, this is your project and you should expose your point clearly along with lots of ideas from others. Don’t just use other peoples ideas. The result from your researches should be your first concern.
  5. Skripsi should have Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5 and Chapter 6. Chapter one contain basic data about your Skripsi. Title and the reasons goes here as well. In many Skripsi, there will be few pages before Chapter one such as, dedication page, legality page and others. In chapter two, start describing the Skripsi. Chapter 3 is the first section to attract the readers with the research you have done. Chapter four until Six is a good place to convince anyone about the research in Skripsi.

Those five guidelines were the basic theory for creating good Skripsi. In many universities, there is no doubt they may have their own rules which applies to the creation of Skripsi. It is best to consult with the lecturer who in charge in Creating Skripsi. While creating skripsi can be really hard for some students, actually it was not that hard if they know on how to create it efficiently and faster. Linatul Ainisiyah had written lots of articles about it in this site. Just use the search function available in the upper right section. Based on the latest survey on two local universities, it seems student who learn in English department face lots of problems in creating Skripsi. Basically they always say “Creating Skripsi in Indonesian was not so easy. Imagine creating the same Skripsi but in English. The difficulties will be double”. Well, I can’t blame them for it as it surely hard to creating Skripsi in english if they didn’t fully understand about the English itself. As for me, sometimes I think english was not my specialty.

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