Thursday , June 4 2020

Skripsi, Student’s last assignment before graduation

Skripsi is the final assignment given by university. Few months later students whom learn in university will graduate. their graduation depend on the Skripsi. When they fail to make it, they will not be able to graduate on time. each universities have their own rules in creating skripsi. However, they have the same criteria.

As the last assignment, Skripsi was the hardest task and require lots of times to complete it. There are lots of chapters and sub chapters. Each of them has their own structures. We will listed the references below.

abstract on skripsi. Abstract was used to describe Skripsi.
Chapter 1 Skripsi. Chapter one contain Background of the study till term of key terms.
Chapter 2 Skripsi. Any references and resources can be placed in this chapter.
Chapter 3 Skripsi. Mostly contain content and method of research.
Chapter 4 Skripsi. More in-depth knowledge was available in this chapter.
Chapter 5 Skripsi. Last chapter to discuss about the research and it result.
Example of Skripsi. Various examples of skripsi may available under this category. It was provided only as example.

Hope it help anyone whom trying to make a skripsi. Knowledge is far more precious than thousand of gold.

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