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Students strategies in Composing Narrative Writing

Composing Narrative Writing require lots of grammar related knowledge. For almost all students in local areas, especially whom learn english at second year in Senior high schools, it can be really difficult. ’The students still didn’t fully understand about grammar despite of their long time learning english in the past’ (Linatul Ainisiyah 2011:146). Most students learn english while they were studying at elementary schools, few percentages of them even have learnt english in kindergarten. Basic english was introduced in Kindergarten and Elementary while further intermediate english taught at Junior High School. Senior high school was deigned to teach student the advanced english literatures as they have learnt both basic and further intermediate skills. However, based on a research conducted by Linatul Ainisiyah and Irna Diana supervised with ‘un-noticed professor’, it seems the students lack both basic and intermediate skills while learning in senior high school.

Composing Narrative Writing require the knowledge on the structures of the narrative writing. Just learn about how to make essay and composing narrative writing can be easy. Personal essay is the best way to learn how narrative writing works. Narrative writing basically is a story written in narrative plots. It used to tell the others about an events or story. While people love to share the stories, they should using narrative writing to compose the stories. Narrative writing started at the beginning called as first plot and ended at the last story known as end of plot. So, composing Narrative Writing should clearly state the story and easy to understand. The story was started from the beginning till the end as it main purpose was to share the stories with others. The strategies to write good composition of Narrative writing are:Composing Narrative Writing

  1. Learn about grammar. Present Tense is the required english skill. It was easy to learnt and didn’t require much times. There is already published few articles that will help to learn present tense in this site. Other grammars were not the useful but it will come in handy in the future.
  2. Use only basic sentences contain of Subject, verb and object whenever possible. Avoid using complex sentences. The key is to change complex sentences into several simple sentences. It wasn’t that difficult. Consult it here if you require more assistant.
  3. Always ask yourself “Is it possible other will understand the story?” and “Is there any other simple sentences to explain my ideas?”. Such question will greatly help in composing  Narrative Writing. The fact is, a story didn’t have to be really good while we start learning but it should be easy to understand for others. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Everyone will always make a mistake.

Those three strategies will always work for beginners. For more advanced strategies, just seek in the archives. There are some basic guidelines to make it and you may read about it in the other articles at this site. Happy searching (Tips: seeking through he same categories will help or navigate to the bottom page and search in related articles). Based on Suggestions in writing Essay Skripsi and Thesis.

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