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Tips on Choosing correct answers in exams for difficult questions

(UNIROW-STITMA.NET) While in schools, there are several methods which can be used to help in many things. Choosing the right answer in exam probably is the most helpful method for students. Exams probably is the nightmare for almost all students. they always afraid whenever teachers said “today, we will have an exam”. Actually there is a way out to solve the problem. It was easy and require less skills. Using this technique will make the student able to answer any questions including really difficult questions. Let’s read the tips.

in Exam, teacher always give students a paper filled with questions and ask them to answer it within limited times such as one hour or more. Student have to answer the questions as quick as possible while carefully check it for wrong answer more than once. Most of the times, they will run out of times and not all questions were answered. In fact, their answers didn’t always correct which mean they get low score in exam. To counter that problem, here are tips to choose the right answer in exam.Choosing correct answer in exam

  1. Don’t just think about a question and it answer while reading the text in exam. Just give a tick on every question and any possible answer. It mean quickly read the answer and tick one or two similar questions. For fifty questions, it will only take less than five minutes.
  2. When the first step done, Do the second stage. Read all questions once more again from beginning and carefully answer the question. You’ll see the tick that was done in first step. Choose the right answer based on your opinion. If you really don’t know the answer, examine the tick from first step and choose one of them. To choose the right answer, it is simple. Teacher always give clue for the answer in their questions. Basically if there are two or more questions with the same subject, one of them is the right answer. Between all of possible answer, compare it with any possible WRONG answer. One of the text combination in wrong answer is the important key. Let’s read the explanation below:
    Question: What student do while in school?
    (a). Study at garden.
    (b). Study in market.
    (c). Play in class.
    (d). Painting in class.
    (e). Study in class.
    How to answer:
    First. Do the first step. There are three answer with word ‘CLASS’. Give all of them a mark. It means one of them could be the answer. (A and B) was added as  WRONG’ answer.
    Next, Do the second step. Between all three possible answer (C,D and E), compare it with the ‘WRONG’ answer (A and B). there are the same word in wrong answer. “STUDY” was available in both of it. Take the word ‘STUDY’ and add it to the three possible answer and voila, the answer was found. Correct answer is (E) as it uses the word STUDY (available in wrong answer). Both (C and D) were eliminated due to no similarity with wrong answer. This technique always work as the pattern in questions remain like that all the times.

Both tips above were always work in local schools. However, it may not work for foreign schools. Kindly share any of your opinions about it in the comment form below. Sharing the tips surely will help another readers as well.

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