Wednesday , June 3 2020

Writing Journal in daily activities can be fun

Journal is note or paper that contains ideas and self opinion related with anything that was being written in it. The definition of Journal was written from my own experiences and it may sound different from Wikipedia. Let’s take a closer look on what Wikipedia wrote about Journal. It seems there are two definitions of Journal from Wikipedia and the first definition was “a daily record of events or business; a private journal is usually referred to as a diary”. Well, it definitely the same as what I said above. A journal in this term refer to diary or articles that was written regularly about any topic. Journal was referred as Diary as it contains an records about the activities or events.

Second Definition of Journal from Wikipedia was “a newspaper or other periodical, in the literal sense of one published each day”. It basically almost identical with the first definition but it emphasize on the magazines and specific topics. The journal has the same characteristic, written each day and has lots of information. The difference was at the subject. While the first definition clearly stated if the journal was a diary written by a someone, in the second definition it says the journal was published in newspaper which covering specific topic.

Magazines which published journal in specific interval about special topic was called as professional magazines. A journal that was written by individual was called as diary or self-documentary. Usually only a special people that doing research make a journal. It is important for them as it may contains lots of information that will help them in future.

Writing Journal in daily activities can be fun. We just need to focus on what should we trying to write and pour it on paper. Just write anything that will help us understanding it later in future. A diary is great for us because we can learn many things from it. Whenever we make a mistake, we can learn from it and avoid to make the same things again.

A journal contain lots of notes about the ideas and what should be done. While writing a diary can be really fun, there are lots of advantages that will impact our skills in future. writing a diary require passion and the writer must be a passionate person. It will teach us to always being passionate person. While the journal was really useful, the writer also would gain many benefits. As an example, the writing skills would be improved greatly without being noticed. Just remember, the best way to learn writing skills is by writing lots of useful stories whenever we have times. A diary basically can be a good media to improve writing skills. Learn about it by reading Top Five Activities in Learning English faster and easily and Suggestions in Writing Essay, Skripsi and Thesis. If both articles above didn’t satisfy you, just searching in this blog for the latest articles about the same topic. As a final note, student from UNIROW was asked to make a journal. It was an important task as it will greatly help them in improving the writing skills. However not all students understand on how to make it. Wish to learn about how to make journal? Stick at this blog and search in the archives. I believe Linatul Ainisiyah has written lots of articles about it.

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