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Collections various title of Skripsi

Title of Skripsi will give the first impression of the whole ideas. It describe the content using simpler and easier to understand words. Choosing the right title is the most essential first step in creating Skripsi.  For most students whom creating Skripsi, it can be really difficult to chose the right title. Most researchers face severe problems while presenting the title to lecturer. The cause were simple, The title was not describe the real ideas or it’s too vague. For most professional, It is really easy to get the most suitable title in Skripsi. The guidelines to make good title was available in this blog and could be used as references. Basically it only consist of Subject and object of the research also what need to be done with the object. Sound simple but it need deep and smart evaluation.

Here are some title that may useful for anyone whom seeking the title of Skripsi. It divided into their own categories.

A. Economy or Accountancy.

  1. The correlation of loan from local bank with the increase of production at small company.
  2. Korelasi antara pinjaman (modal) pada bank (lokal) terhadap peningkatan usaha (dan produksi) pada perusahaan kecil (usaha penjualan kerupuk).
  3. The Relation of loan by local bank with development of small company.
  4. Hubungan antara pinjaman (modal produksi) dari bank (lokal) terhadap kemajuan usaha (pengolahan Limbah tempe) pada perusahaan (Arick Corporation).

B. English Faculty.

  1. Ideal English lecturer for the students of UNIROW in 2013 / 2014 academic year
  2. Improving speaking skill by using english movie Prince of Persia to the student at first semester in University of PGRI Ronggolawe.

C. Law Faculty.

  1. Pengaruh penerapan (pasal 32) terhadap kesejahteraan pedagang kaki lima di emperan trotoar jalan manunggal Tuban.
  2. Hubungan antara pasal 32 dan pasal 33 terhadap kesejahteraan buruh lepas perusahaan sepatu di wilayah Tuban.

There are more than twenty seven types of Skripsi based on the education background. Only three types with total of eights titles in skripsi printed at this article. It will be updated later on when more title have been fully approved by ‘the professor’. The words in brackets and underlines above should be changed with suitable replacement based on the research. Please note that all titles above were supplied here only as references. Kindly share any questions and suggestion via comment form below.

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