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Common Errors in Writing Descriptive Text Using Present Tense

Writing Descriptive Text can be really simple. It basically just describe a something using common fact. There are no specific rules to create it. As long as the reader understand the topic, it will be fine. However, many universities applied special guidelines to keep the descriptive text helpful and useful for everyone. In this article, we wouldn’t discuss about the rules but only focus in creating Descriptive Texts using Simple Present Tense.

Present Tense is the most simple tenses that utilize less rules. It only need Subject and Verb to form a sentence. What make it not too complicated is the fact that the tenses didn’t require complex verb. No need to learn for past participle or past irregular verb. Simple present tenses is best to describe anything as it is the most common use in daily activities.

Writing Descriptive Text using Present Tense is started by doing the following things:

  1. Pick an object to describe. If it is a part of thesis or Skripsi, then the object is located in Object of the study. The use of descriptive Text to define difficult words is recommended. The object in this term is a something that need to be described. It can be anything.
  2. Examine the Object. The best way to describe the object is by observing and learning on it.
  3. Describe it using short text. A description should be short but describe the object clearly.

Common Errors in Descriptive Text As an example, we would describe a mouse. Examine it and think what people knew about the object. Then write “It has four legs and often steal the fish just like jerry”. People would understand if the object being talked is a mouse. However, not all peoples understand it. This is what was called as Common errors in writing Descriptive text. Here are the common mistakes:

  1. Describe the object using the language or sentence that hard to understand. As an example “it take the fish then leave and will comeback later when hungry”. It was really hard to understand as it didn’t clearly stated on what was being talked. The writer may understand it but not with everyone.
  2. Describing object almost clearly but collide with other object. As an example “The animal take the fish then eat without leaving any traces”. People may think it is a cat and not mouse as cat often do the same thing.

The common mistakes above were happen due to unclearly stated the object. The common errors in describing a something is due to no idea on what others might think about it. If the writer fully aware of what others think about the object, then it would be easy to construct a sentence to explain the object using English Verb Tenses.

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