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Definition of PTK or Classroom Action Research

(UNIROW-STITMA.NET) based on the web definition, PTK was “Plazmic Theme Builder — A program that lets you design your own custom BlackBerry themes and customize various aspects” (Courtessy of query ‘define: PTK’). However, in this article, PTK has totally different meaning with above definition. The word PTK was popular and almost all students whom learn in university already know about it. Even Wikipedia and other online sources of information has no idea about PTK.

PTK is the abbreviation for “Penelitian Tindakan Kelas”. In english words, it was called as Classroom Action Research (CAR). PTK or CAR has the same function, to enhance the teacher’s skills by doing lots of experiments while teaching. While lots of teachers failed to teach their students due to various reasons, they should doing lots of research. When a student failed to understand the lesson, teacher was the person who responsible for it. There is no excuse or any other reasons. This is why PTK or CAR was needed.

PTK Penelitian Tindakan KelasPTK will help teacher to find the better way in teaching. Doing PTK isn’t that hard. In fact, it is really simple. Read the steps below:

  1. Experiment with various ways of teaching. Teach students using various techniques. Don’t just use the old techniques because other peoples said it is best. Judge it by yourself. The best techniques for others sometimes didn’t work for another. Teaching techniques are Ways of speaking and skills in teaching.
  2. Use various materials. Don’t be lazy to use the materials. Most teachers didn’t want to use the materials because they didn’t want to do that. Materials in teaching is a must for all teachers. Believe it or not, modern teachers always use it in their teaching progress. Don’t know what is the materials for you? Ask about it in the comment form and you might get the answer.
  3. Examine all aspect in class. Most teachers whom doing CAR or PTK only think about what was available in the paper. They only research the way they teaching the students. It is definitely wrong. First thing first, student is the most valuable aspect. Always focus on them as the teaching progress indeed exist because there are students need the teaching. If teachers stick only with the paper and their teaching progress, they will produce almost useless PTK. If they focus in students, the research will find it’s best answer. Didn’t they think joking with students in class could greatly boost teacher affection and improve student’s skills greatly?. Well, just make a research about it and find it out, wouldn’t you?.
  4. Don’t think only with the statement or references. Most teacher always do this kind of mistakes. They seek for references all over the internet about expert’s statement. Well, it was not right. First, you were teacher and you have the skills in teaching. Use your own opinion and DON’T try you get the statement first. Use your own statement only. Many teachers spend their times just to get the references rather than doing the research. Sometimes, they didn’t make a research and only use the references from the experts. If they make a research, they didn’t fully experiment with it.
    Just make a research and write the result in the paper. After the experiment has done, you may want to get the references from other experts. Compare the results and find what is the differences. In the next research, you may want to use the references from others. Just understand this fact, A statement from an experts could be wrong and it didn’t always work in every places. Believe in yourself and use your own opinion. Only get the resources or references whenever there are difficult things. The most important thing is don’t just use their statement as references. Use it only to compare with your opinion. Don’t you know the experts always doing this. They get others opinion and compare with their own. So, you have to had your own opinion. When a someone held a research and get no opinion about it, the research was a complete failure. The worst thing is when they use other people opinion as the result.
  5. Doing a research in class daily. Is it possible? Yes it is. While in class, focus on what the result of your teaching progress. It depend on the study and student’s behavior. Make a note about it and researching it everyday. This is the best way to keep the teaching progress goes fine and better.

Those five opinions above may hard to understand as it was written using my own language and understanding. However, teachers whom always doing a PTK may understand about it. Writing it in Indonesian could be better option but I believe it isn’t necessary at the moment. (Arick)

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