Monday , June 1 2020

Explanation on any kinds of Research Proposal

(UNIROW-STITMA.NET) Research Proposal (Proposal Penelitian) is exist because it explain the research that has been done. Research Proposal is documentation of the research. It contains all the data that will be presented to the readers. Research Proposal divided into four parts. They are Proposal Penelitian Pengembangan,Proposal Penelitian Kajian Pustaka,Proposal Penelitian Kualitatif,Proposal Penelitian Kuantitatif. The explanation about all of them available below.

Kinds of Research Proposal (Proposal Penelitian):

  1. Proposal Penelitian Pengembangan (Research Development Proposal). It uses theories to explain and solve the problems. This kind of proposal is useful to explore and get the answer to any situation. Proposal Penelitian Pengembangan (Research Development Proposal) isn’t the same as creating the research development for Thesis Dissertation or Skripsi.
  2. Proposal Penelitian Kajian Pustaka. It trying to solve the problems by using various data from other qualified researches.
  3. Proposal Penelitian Kualitatif. It uses holistic-contextual as the key to do the research. It was called Qualitative because it depend on the quality of the researcher to define and describe the research.
  4. Proposal Penelitian Kuantitatif. Qualitative Research is deductive-inductive type research. It depend on the opinion from experts to reveal the data.

All kinds of Proposal Above usually created when students need to make Skripsi or Tesis (Thesis Dissertation).

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