Wednesday , June 3 2020

Study on Creating Literature review in short stories and novel

Literature review has been an important part in reviewing topic. Literature is collected from various sources and references to build good and compelling topic. It is used to support the main idea by pointing to what expert think about the subject. Review of related literature which usually available in skripsi consist of various topic and references. An author would need to review any of the literature in order to use it as supporting idea. Any statement about the topic were collected and being compared with the result of the research. The activity to compare and researching the statement is called as Reviewing the Literature or Review related Literature.

The study on creating REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE showed us how effective it is to get the resources and statement about the short stories or novel. However, reviewing those literatures were not that easy. By reviewing any related literature about the short stories or novel, we can find the most important data about the subject being researched. Most short stories and novel has lots of hidden facts, weakness, greatness and many complex storyline. It is not enough to just read once or ten times to fully understand the stories. Sometimes, we need to find out the background of it’s creation or any events that may influent the stories. While those information were not available and published in the stories, all of them were really important to decide the true fact about short stories or novel. Getting literatures may look hard for some people but reviewing the literatures surely harder. The study on review literature has been done two days ago but it would be continued in few weeks later as it still lack more information. Beside, doing research on English literature review is really fun.

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