Thursday , June 4 2020

Translating Foreign Language into local

Translating is an activity that perform conversion the original language into another. Doing translation means analyzing original language and find out the best words that match with it. Foreign language such as english and Spanish can be converted into local language.

Translating language basically is trading words from one kind to another. The trading progress will goes smoother if there is word match the original description. To make sure the translation goes fine without errors or weird result, native speakers were needed.

Translator is the expert in translating words. It responsible for changing and trading the words. Most applications and social networks use their services to enrich their environment. A great software will not be really useful if the user didn’t understand the interface. The same case happen with social network just like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Without translation into local language, they were just another useless product. Translators play greater role in this work. By translating the language into local, the products such as social networks, Software and hardware will gain more exposure and many people will use it for the easiness of use.

To translate words, translator will trade one word with other local word which has the same meaning. Selecting proper words isn’t an easy jobs. Sometimes it takes days to figure it out. Only native speakers able to do the job.

While most search engine and other online translation software offer the services to translate almost all known language, the result was really not that great. Most people even complaint because of the awful translation. It is understandable as relying on the machines to do complex job isn’t recommended. The reason is simple. Most words has multiple meanings and thus it will cause problems when the words combined into sentences. Most translators face the same problems because of it. Reference: All about Tenses.

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