Friday , June 5 2020

Two reasons to use Figurative Language in daily activities

Figurative Language is used to figure or describe a something by using words or sentences which the meaning is different than the original. Whenever an object is being compared with another, it must likely a figurative language is being used. In formal documents such as Essay, Thesis, Journals and Skripsi, Figurative language may exist to describe and comparing the chosen object. Wikipedia stated “Non-literal or figurative language refers to words, and groups of words, that exaggerate or alter the usual meanings of the component words”.

There are eight forms of Figurative Language. Here they are:

  1. Simile. Comparing a someone or objects using the words “like” or “as” are easy by using simile. Learn about it in Specific analysis of figurative language.
  2. Metaphor. It almost identical with simile but it is more positive. It not only compare but also describe an object or people clearly. “Prison is the home where thief deserve to go”. or “You are what you wear”.
  3. Personification. When describing non human just like human, then personification with no doubt is being used to express it. “The birds are singing at me” and “My cat smile at me” are both expressions using personification.
  4. Alliteration. Whenever there are some identical sounds of words being used, Alliteration take in place in the expression. “The sheep shape ship in the field”. This kind of Figurative language is the easiest to identify. 
  5. Onomatopoeia. imitating other sounds can be achieved using onomatopoeia. Ever hear of natural sound? Describe it using words and you good to go.
  6. Hyperbole. It make a something or an action way too high. Whenever a someone describe a something using dramatic words, Hyperbole was used in the expression.
  7. Idioms. Idiom is one kind of Figurative Language. It was being taught at school so everyone must be really understand on it.
  8. Clichés. It is almost the same with Idiom at first but it describe a something with regular unusual expression.

using figurative languageUsing Figurative Language in daily activities is recommended. Not only to help maintain relationship, it also good to build personality. Here are two reasons to use it in daily activities.

  1. Don’t just speak the true but never lie. Ever seen a someone using wrong shirt in the party? Don’t just tell them because it may sound not good. Instead, say “I believe you can be as good as a queen if you wear the clothes in the night”. Simile is good to express it.
  2. Avoid regular expression, Use figurative language. While many people tend to use the regular expressions to describe their feeling, it is encouraged to use figurative language whenever possible. Don’t just say “You have good cat. It looks cute” but say “Your cat is smile to me. It looks adorable. I like it”. See, even small difference in sentences will have greater positive impact in life.

Those two reasons above were available here courtesy of self experiences. Actually there are other reasons to mention but it weren’t that important. However it maybe added later whenever I see it needed by others.

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