Thursday , June 4 2020

What will education be like in the future

Education in Indonesia was getting developed into new form of educating system. It will emphasize on the effectiveness of the learning progress and minimize any troubles which may arise. In the past, Government was used the remodeling teaching method which result in better appliances. While the old method was being removed, there is no report on what was failed on the old system and how to fix it. Basically, it is the new method from couples of peoples and didn’t fully implement the benefit of the old methods. In education term, whenever a something was being replaced, there should be a report on why it was removed and how the new method address the old problems.

Education in FutureWhat will education be like in the future – In 2014 or even 200 years from now on? We can only make a guess, of course but we can be sure that it will be different from what it is today. Thinking about it, a new idea flashing in my mind. Why did we didn’t think about it and use the future methods at this era. The answer probably simple, because no one know what will happen tomorrow. Wrong, Man can guess on what may happen and it can be used as the base data to conclude on what the education will looks like in future. One of the common things probably the custom in local schools on replacing the chair with the sophisticated materials. Chairs may seem important but using the replacement materials work great in my local research. Combining with the placement of chairs in class it will produce awesome result. In may research, The student didn’t use the old method of having chairs in adjacent and face the teacher. Using old method looks great but student in the back will not achieve netter result than the others whom stay in front. By structuring them in V placement, the problem was successfully solved. Of course it also need unusual chairs.

Education will always change based on the technology, knowledge and modernization. Let us take an obvious example. Education in Indonesia, even a decade ago was only exclusive for royal family and it uses very traditional method of listening the teacher while learning a lesson. Now, on average, Education is about to use modern method of competency system which allow student and teacher to interact freely while in class. A hundreds years is relative short period of time, so we may assume that education will continue to evolve in future.

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