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Analysis of Teachers Technique in Teaching Speaking

Teacher is the key to teach lesson successfully. Based on Linatul Ainisiyah‘s research in February 2013, She found out teacher has potential to decide the result of teaching progress. Student would be able to understand the lesson clearly if teachers were using good method in teaching. Otherwise, Student will fail to receive information if teacher use the wrong method.

In 2013, Government has changed the rules in teaching student in class. Through the new released Teaching Plan, it has been explained if teacher should using the correct method in teaching. Correct method is explained as special method that will work in special region. The new Teaching Plan is based on the region and situation in schools. By using the latest method, Student would understand any lesson easily as teachers is suggested to do some research on what can be used to teach the students.

Here are simple Analysis of Teacher Technique in Teaching Speaking in Local Junior High School in Tuban. The name of school was not shown to maintain secrecy. Linatul Ainisiyah will explain it clearly when the research has completely done. The research took places in some different Locations. 50% in Favorite school  in Town while the rest in traditional schools at villages. Let’s take a look on the table below.


New Teaching Techniques

Old Teaching Techniques


1.Teacher seems to have difficulties in doing research and implementing the new teaching procedure.Teacher was used to use the ‘old teaching’ method of reading and explain the lesson to students.New teaching Method Has better result than the old method.
2Teacher uses any materials available around the school. For example: Bamboo, Plant, etc.Teacher uses the materials pointed in old teaching plan. All teacher in country using the same materials.Old method has many obstacles as not all places have the materials.
New Method was easy to implement as it uses any materials which are easy to find.
New method has better advantages than the older method.
3.Teacher interact more frequently with students. Explain about the materials and the relation with lesson. It focus in explaining the materials to make it easy for student to understand the lesson.Teacher explain the lesson and materials were only used when it necessary. It focus on explaining the lesson using materials.New Method attract more attention. Students really excited with the materials. Teacher uses the advantages to explain the lesson through materials. Student learn the lesson ‘accidentally’ by learning about the materials.
Old method only attract small portion of class.
4.Teacher spend less time in teaching lesson. It is due to the materials used in teaching in class. All materials were taken from any object around the class. Student would understand the object as they ever seen it before.The times used in teaching depend on teacher’s skills. Based on Official Teaching Plan, Most Materials used in teaching at class was taken from Java so students outside java may face troubles in understanding the materials. If materials were no identified correctly, the lesson would fail.New Method is applicable for all teachers. By using materials, student learn faster and it mean the times used to learn the lesson greatly reduced.
Old method will take lots of times, especially when teacher uses materials. However, the times to successfully completed a lesson vary based on teacher skills. If teacher was really smart, it will take just few times. Otherwise, it may take forever just to explain simple lesson.

It seems new teaching techniques has better result in some aspects. It is expected for teacher to use the new method as fast as possible. We will do some further research in several schools with the ‘professor’ to get the most accurate results.

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