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Common difficulties in creating Skripsi

Skripsi is special assignment given only to the student in last semester. Most foreigner wouldn’t understand the description of the Skripsi. To define it clearly, we come to ‘professor’ and asking the description. The word ‘skripsi’ only used in Indonesian as the special assignment for student in last semester whom about to graduate from university. If Thesis was available for student whom trying to pass the education in higher level education, Skripsi is the same as Thesis but has lower level education.

All student whom about to graduate from university have to create unique and useful Skripsi. It has to be special and add value to the society. Creating it can be really hard for average students.

Skripsi is performed by doing various researches using correct formulas. The researches have to be done carefully and produce valid data. References and credible sources have to be retrieved to back up the result of the researches.

In this page, I’ll list three common difficulties in creating Skripsi.

  1. Student choosing invalid title for the Skripsi. Choosing the right title is a must. Most student choose the wrong title by observing a something which he/she has no skills in it. Sometimes, the titles also have no values for society. The percentage for student to make this error is 50%.  The key is simple. Don’t just make skripsi. Do it with heart.
  2. Doing the wrong research. This is another common mistakes in creating skirpsi. Most of the times, students did the research without make an observation whether the research on that subject is wrong or right. Skripsi is sensitive. If it explain about the advantages of local banana, don’t just make a research about fruit. Even make a research about Banana can be wrong. An observation is needed. The right answer would be make a research what make people love local banana and what make local banana special than the others, maybe the research about the taste of banana. Research about banana and research about the taste of it is different. Even doing the research isn’t important, It is essential to get references about banana from various places. It seems students were unable to choose whether to get the reference or doing the researches.Student make this error in 30%. The key is simple. Do an observation. Even if it talk about a local banana doesn’t mean it need a research about banana.
  3. Using the wrong References. Students make this error at 20%. They were not clearly understand the topic and use the wrong references. If they make a skripsi about speaking ability, they should get the references about what is ability and the relation with speaking. However, they get the references about speaking that will increase the ability in learning the language. It clearly different. Student should focus on The Ability and clearly understand what it is then learn about what is speaking. In the Skripsi they should explain carefully what is ability and how it important for people. Then they also explain about speaking. In the last, they need to explain people’s ability in using speaking. The key to eliminate the problem is to carefully identify what is the main idea of the skripsi.

Those three difficulties were taken from various researches done by Linatul Ainisiyah, Irna Diana and myself. It need more than a month to complete this research. We done it by helping students with the references and watching them while the students met the lecturer.

For references and example of Skripsi, read “Studying present tense using quantum teaching method through communicative activities to the tenth years Student” and Four easy steps to make Skripsi pendidikan online at Unirow Tuban.

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