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How to make use of Dictionary effectively

Dictionary, a book with large papers which has lots of letters and most people already understand how important it is for learning foreign languages. Students and teachers use it to get information about difficult words or sentences.

While many peoples know the importance of Dictionary, not so many peoples knew on how to use it effectively. Using dictionary is different than others books. We cannot just read from first page till the last (but you may do so if you really want to ūüėÄ ). The usage is really simple, whenever we found difficult words or have any doubt about sentences, just open dictionary and seek for proper page. Dictionary has proper pages labelled with first letter (A) until the end (Z). It was listed¬†alphabetically to make it easier for the reader to get the information.

Getting information about how to spell the words and what it meaning was easy. Just navigate to the exact location and get the answer. It was so simple like that. However, sometimes, there is a word which has multiple meaning which has the potential to confuse learner. As an example, the word “RUN” has meaning of “running away” and “Doing Business”. Most learner have problems to choose the right answer. So what is the right answer? Well, both answer were correct. The use of it is depend on the sentences. But the common meaning of the word run should be “running away”. In the example below, if the sentence is “I run toward the school”, the answer would be “running away”. but if the¬†sentences¬†is “He run a restaurant alone”, ¬†it has a meaning of “doing business”.¬†I hope the¬†dictionary would make small symbol to show the reader which is the common meaning and other meaning as well.

Using a dictionary to get the information related with difficult words is recommended. It will improve the skills faster and has the potential to speed up the process in learning a language. However, there is simple way on how to use dictionary effectively. I used to use it in daily activities and it was proven to improve the skills faster. You may want to read the story in¬†Four easy steps to make Skripsi pendidikan online at Unirow Tuban¬†(it was written in the past and surely there are lots of scrambled words and some grammatical errors but I leave it intact as it was used as ‘memories of the old days’). The dictionary was carried in all of my activities and I read it whenever I found new words. This is how to learn¬†language¬†easily and using dictionary effectively.

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