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Chapter 1 Skripsi Background of the study Literary Work

Motivation refers to these reason that underlie behavior that is characterized by willingness and volition (Lai, 2:2001). Based on Lai (5:2001) stated motivation involves a constellation of beliefs, perceptions, values, interest, and action that are all closely related. Then, it produces different kinds of motivation. It is separated into some level of motivation, less and high motivation. In order to achieve the goal, it is not only depending on the level of motivation, but the orientation of motivation to make an action to achieve the goal. It is same with Ryan and Deci (54:2000) stated that orientation of motivation concerns the underlying attitudes and goals that give rise to action-that is, it concerns the way of action.

In addition, Eat Pray Love has a complexity story. It tells about Elizabeth Gilbert who solves her depression after an ugly divorce with her husband by visiting three countries. Each of country has special moments for herself. She reveals all of her thought and feeling in every moment in each of journey. Obviously, it has purpose why she has to start traveling, what is the motivation behind it, and what kind of goal she wanted to achieve in her journey. Therefore, the writer wants to discover the motivation behind Elizabeth Gilbert to achieve her goal in each of her journey.

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In this study, the other reasons are described why the writer wants to analyze this memoir, Eat Pray Love in deep. First, the writer wants to encourage the students of English department to study more about literature, particularly memoir. Second, this memoir has not been discussed yet. The last, this memoir has been being a best seller book and the content of this memoir has so many purposes of life that could be analyzed further.

Finally, the writer is interested in analyzing the motivation of Elizabeth Gilbert on her journey and the purposes behind her journey to achieve her goal in enjoying life. It is hoped to enrich her literary work and give some theories to solve the problem about the study of Elizabeth’s motivation to achieve her goal. Therefore, the writer of this Skripsi interested in choosing a title “Motivation in Elizabeth Gilbert Eat Pray Love: A Study of The Main Character’s Effort to Achieve Her Goals.”

This article was the third article about Literary work available in Background of the study featured in local university’s magazine. First and second articles were available here at Literary Work Chapter 1 Skripsi Background of the Study and Background of the Study Literary Work Chapter 1. There would be Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 also Chapter five as well.

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