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Literary Work Chapter 1 Skripsi Background of the Study

Life is never being as easy as it seems. In fact, sometimes people cannot get what they really want. They often never have their ending happily ever after just the way in fairy world. Occasionally people often face two things in their life, bad things and good things. Good things happen if they choose the right thing and the situation also support it. But sometimes people make silly choice. They are fueled by jealousy, rage, previous unresolved issues, and hatred. Even so, they still have the choice to choose how it goes at every moment, of every day, of their life. If they don’t like how their life is turning out, then they can start making better choice. Their life is result of the choice they make. To make it short, their choice are show their personalities indeed.

Sampul Skripsi
Cover pada Skripsi

Almost everyday people describe and asses the personalities of other people around them. Whether they realize it or not, these daily musings on how and why people behave as they do are similar to how personalities reflect. This personality looks at the patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behavior. The feelings can be described such as joy, happiness, pleasure, nervous, anxiety, fear, frustration, shame, and anger. The thought include strong expectation of success, achieving goal, failure and vulnerability, and low valuing of many opportunities. Then, it leads by behaving a good or vice versa.

As human being, people like to share about their feeling and thought to others. It is a normal phenomenon because man is social creature. As social being, they cannot live without others. Even so, sometimes they will express their thought and feeling are not only by telling others, but also by writing in a piece of paper or in their notebook. The result of this writing is well known as a kind of literature.

Everyone in this earth can create something which they reckon as an amazing creation. This amazing creation can be something which as beauty, character, and taste in it. Obviously, it is different from other creation which ever created before. It is an original creation. It is a literature, for instance. Literature is human experience of life, appealing from emotion and imagination (Lerner, 1960:5). The emotion which appears has a duty to make people who read the literature enjoys every moments story goes. The imagination leads everything it shows how the whole world reveals beauty and the extent of artifice. Thus, literary work is obviously interesting to be read.

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