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Statement of the Problem Skripsi Chapter 1

Irna Diana is an excellent author who focus in grammar related knowledge
Irna Diana is excellent in Education related knowledge

Statement of The Problem. What is it? Statement of the Problem is always available in Chapter 1 Skripsi. It contains various opinion why the author choose the title. Without a problem, there would be a research. It is as simple as like that.

Statement of the Problem was listed in Skripsi to make it easire for readers to understand on what the author think to eliminate the difficulties while completing the research. Below is the example of Statement of the Problem created by Irna Diana.

A person who feels to be moved to do something is considered as motivated characterization. Most everyone who lived in this earth have motivation in doing their activity. Even though they have less motivation or even high motivation to do something, they have reason why they have to do it better, just to do it, or not do it at all.

Moreover dealing with the background of the study above, the writer tries to focus of these problems that are formulated as follows:

  1. What is the goal of Elizabeth Gilbert that she wanted to achieve in Eat Pray Love?
  2. What is the intrinsic motivation of Elizabeth Gilbert to achieve her goal in Eat Pray Love?
  3. What is the extrinsic motivation of Elizabeth Gilbert to achieve her goal in Eat Pray Love?

What is the impact of extrinsic motivation toward the intrinsic motivation to achieve Elizabeth Gilbert’s goal in Eat Pray Love?

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