Friday , June 5 2020

What is Purdue

Purdue is often referred as a University located in West Lafayette, Indiana, U.S which was established in May 6, 1869. The word Purdue was popular in United States with Endowment at US$2.002 billion in 2012.

Some visitor in Unirow Stitma were asking about the word Purdue and the relation with education. Purdue surely has lots of interactions with teaching progress. Purdue has lots of articles about educations which make it another best resources to learn and teaching languages.

Teachers were encouraged to learn the new ways in teaching the students. We already knew, Asian and American have different method in teaching students. Surely it depend on so many factors including terrains, Tools using for teaching and any infrastructures available in schools. The most important hing would be the custom in each areas itself.

Purdue has a lab which consists of various articles written by so many respectful authors. Most articles explain anything with better perspectives. It could be best places to start seeking for references used in Thesis or Skripsi. Local teachers whom really curious about how teacher teach students in foreign countries may read the articles and start thinking for better techniques in teaching. The best method for teaching students for an area may not suitable for another places. This is why reading the articles would give the ideas on what should be done to achieve better result in teaching. Always seeking for better method in teaching as it would make progress goes seamlessly faster and efficient. Smart teacher isn’t a someone who teach student with so much lessons. Smart teacher is a person who really love to learn new things in teaching.

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