Thursday , June 4 2020

Why SKRIPSI is important for student

Skripsi, a word which make some student terrified and sometimes smile happily. It was considered the most important task for student in university which require dedication and all skills to finish it. What is it? and how it affect student behavior?

Skripsi is the final task done by the student in eight semester. It has been previously described in “what is skripsi“. It consist of Chapter one until Chapter seven (probably more. depend on the subject and skills of the students).

Why skripsi is important? First of all, Skripsi is the final task for student. Second, it would decide whether the student graduate or not. Third, it just like the donation of the student for community.

Third reasons above make skripsi the most important task for student. By completing it, the graduation become possible. If the assignment wasn’t completed, there would be no graduation as the student was labelled as “has no skills in whatever they learnt”. Skripsi involve research and dedication. The result is awesome scientific papers which is really useful for community. It can be used as reference in solving many related things.

Completing Skripsi wasn’t that hard. UNIROW STITMA has already split many tutorials in creating skripsi. It was started from Chapter one, Chapter two, Chapter three till the end. For student, Skripsi may looks hard but it wasn’t that hard once they realize creating it only require dedication and passion in research also good reference to support the idea. At least, Skripsi is just like a good benchmark to measure the skills of each student.

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