Friday , June 5 2020

About Me

Nisya Unirow
Nisya is author UNIROW STITMA

Before I start Introducing myself, I would like to say Thank you very much for visiting my site. I Created this blog in June 2010. One year later, I have posted 25 posts (Probably more, I know it isn’t good productivity for blogger). My name is Linatul Ainisiyah, an english teacher in my local town Tuban, east java Indonesia. I live in Ngaglik, a small village near coast. In fact, my house only 75 meters from the sea. You could imagine how beautiful the scenery in the morning and evening. I live with my Parent at the moment. I always think helping them is the only way to show my gratitude. I have 2 Sisters and 2 Brothers, We live in the same small house. I always proud to live with my family. They teach me many things. By the way, It is me in both pictures. :-). the first picture was taken the same day I graduated from UNIROW, a small but prospective University in Tuban. the second Picture was taken in the end of Fasting month. Actually, I didn’t confident enough to upload my picture but I believe uploading it here will make the readers understand with the author of this site. At least, that is what I thought.

Linatul Ainisiyah wisuda Unirow
A moment after graduated from local University (Linatul Ainisyah – Nisya)

I have many student and They are the reason I’m blogging. Due to my daily activities,  teaching English in the morning and Drum-band at the evening, I may not be able to Manage this site all the time. I do really love this Blog, Writing and pouring my idea into this site made me happy. I have started writing since Junior High School. I used to write my daily activities in Diary but then I realize my story could be useful for anyone.

Few months ago, two professors from local university show an interest to use the site as reference. The discussion was happen in the campus and all authors agree to save all updated articles in the draft. All of them would be released in the end of August.

During the meeting, we also agree to remove the advertisement and only use ads company which add more value to the site. UNIROW STITMA would be used as ‘community’ and we have to ensure it would run fine and good enough for student.

Based on the discussion, we would display advertisement only if it is necessary to do so. To remain everyone, this site was funded with my own money and sometimes it really hard to keep the site stay online. To make the site running smoothly, we would display advertisements in some or all pages if necessary. By the way, the authors never charge reader to read, download or use the articles.

Both professor agree and we have to thank them for giving us great suggestion. How about you? Will you give us your opinion about this? Send us an email with subject ‘Suggestion to Unirow Stitma’ and we will be happy to read it. Alternatively, you may use ‘Contact Us’ page above to reach us.