Thursday , July 9 2020

Linatul Ainisiyah

Linatul Ainisiyah (NISYA) is a new blogger from Tuban East Java Indonesia. After graduated from UNIROW in 2009, She worked as Teacher till now. In her daily activities, She wrote many journals related with education. Few of the journals have been published in local magazine. Her dream to share knowledge with others lead her to create and develop this blog.

What will education be like in the future

future of education

Education in Indonesia was getting developed into new form of educating system. It will emphasize on the effectiveness of the learning progress and minimize any troubles which may arise. In the past, Government was used the remodeling teaching method which result in better appliances. While the old method was being removed, there is no report on what was failed on the old system and how to fix it. Basically, it is the new method from couples of peoples and didn’t fully implement the benefit of the old methods. In education ...

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Collections various title of Skripsi

Nisya, the local teacher

Title of Skripsi will give the first impression of the whole ideas. It describe the content using simpler and easier to understand words. Choosing the right title is the most essential first step in creating Skripsi.  For most students whom creating Skripsi, it can be really difficult to chose the right title. Most researchers face severe problems while presenting the title to lecturer. The cause were simple, The title was not describe the real ideas or it’s too vague. For most professional, It is really easy to get the most ...

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Common Errors in Writing Descriptive Text Using Present Tense

Writing Descriptive Text can be really simple. It basically just describe a something using common fact. There are no specific rules to create it. As long as the reader understand the topic, it will be fine. However, many universities applied special guidelines to keep the descriptive text helpful and useful for everyone. In this article, we wouldn’t discuss about the rules but only focus in creating Descriptive Texts using Simple Present Tense. Present Tense is the most simple tenses that utilize less rules. It only need Subject and Verb to ...

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Descriptive texts using simple present tense

Descriptive Text is sentences that describe a something with detailed, vivid and colorful meaning. As an author or speaker, it is good to describe a something rather than directly pointing the readers to the object. Let’s say there is an object need to be introduced, a little cat. Instead of calling it little cat, use this expression, “As a favorite pet, this animal usually love to play with their master. With four legs and cute sound, the owner usually smile and laugh at them whenever they make sound of meow-meow”. ...

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Simple definition of SKRIPSI for student

Skripsi is the last assignment for student who learn in university. Skripsi is a scientific paper which contains lots of ideas, knowledge, and researches. Many students in different classes or departments were seeking for new ideas to create good skripsi. To give you clear information, here are some guideless in creating good Skripsi: Skripsi must be genuine and never being published or created in the past. A duplicate or copy of Skripsi will not going to be accepted by lecturer and most of them didn’t tolerate it. However, Reworked Skripsi ...

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What make Online Education better choice for student

Online Education is an Online degree programs that is offered by various universities and colleges worldwide through online services. It has similarity with Online education courses. Both of them provide degree programs, through their accredited online education and training certificates. Online Courses  sometimes could provide Bachelors Degrees as well. However, Only Accredited Online Education may provide certifications and respected bachelor’s degree. In America, there are several examples of successful Online education such as APU (American Public Universities), UTI (Universal Technical Institute) and other Colleges also Schools. local and online schools ...

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Teach English faster by introducing Local Language in the process

Learn English faster by understanding local language means an activity that perform some analyzing on the local language. The local Language that will be analyzed at this stage is “DUTA ILMU”. In English it mean the missionary of knowledge. Understanding local language is important in order to teach English faster. Mother language is the key of successful teaching in ESL schools. Teaching English faster is the dream of every teacher. The use of local language in teaching is recommended. Let’s take a closer look on the reason below: Local language ...

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Learning English can be fun (Added a High Profile author to this blog)

Learning English require lots of fun. That is what he think in all of his writing. Today, I’m turning on my lovely notebook and connect it to the internet. As usual, I begin my activity by checking my website to see if there are comments in the queue. Then I checking my profile in some social networks. Still, there is nothing new. I decided to check the messages. When I login to my special email created by using Google Apps, I see a title of an email market with red ...

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Some Suggestions in Writing correct Essay or Skripsi also Thesis

Writing both thesis and Skripsi can be fun if we use an easy method while writing an easy isn’t that hard at all. Student will face several issues in their learning process to create an Essay, Thesis and Skripsi. Hence, it is recommended to learn on how to use essay first then head to Skripsi and last, make a thesis. By following the suggestion above, Student will face less problems in their learning process and that mean, they will have greater chances to success than before. Below are some suggestion ...

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Research Proposal about Teaching Simple Present Tense

This is an example of Research Proposal about Teaching Simple Present Tense applied in local Junior High Schools. The researcher was Mochammad Rifai and the example was written in this blog to give readers the insight on how to create good research and also teaching well on students. It is mandatory to create good proposal about research as the proposal will be used by public. If this is the first time for you to create the proposal or it is an assignment from your lecturer, then feel no afraid. Everything ...

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