Tuesday , July 16 2019

Linatul Ainisiyah

Linatul Ainisiyah (NISYA) is a new blogger from Tuban East Java Indonesia. After graduated from UNIROW in 2009, She worked as Teacher till now. In her daily activities, She wrote many journals related with education. Few of the journals have been published in local magazine. Her dream to share knowledge with others lead her to create and develop this blog.

How to make clear communications in Quantum Teaching

Ever wonder to have a clear communication while teaching or learning? This article may able to give simple explanation on how to achieve it faster. To be able to have a clear communication, we have to understand on how to create clear conversation. Clear conversation is basically the same as clear communication. The difference is clear conversation used in any activity involved in conversation while clear communication is used in any activity related with communication and interaction using any media. Clear communication in quantum teaching is possible by using the ...

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Journal how to Teach Reading using Quantum Learning Method

Teaching students using Quantum Learning Method is an activity that combine both joy and learning at the same time. Reading is an activity related with understanding texts and pronounce it clearly to fully understand and deliver the meaning at the same time. All problems related with teaching can be solved by using appropriate techniques that have been practiced long time ago. The use of Quantum learning method in reading classes will will make students experience the new way of learning a language. Teaching reading can be done by asking students ...

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Information about Definition and the Usage of Quantum Teaching

Quantum teaching is a popular and useful teaching method used in local areas. Students in local areas are different than others from foreign countries. Most of local students are unable to speak and write in English. In latest curriculum made by the government stated if English is an important study and all students should be able to use it in their daily activity if applicable. Many teachers trying to teach their student with various method. One of the most used teaching method is Quantum Teaching. So, what is the meaning ...

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Example of Figurative Language Analysis in Essay or Poetry

Essay written by popular authors sometimes contain figurative languages. Popular author such as Krashen and Mochammad Rifai embed figurative languages in the contents of their great work such as essay or Skripsi and even Thesis. The popularity of Figurative Languages grow up when lots of popular profile using it in their daily activities. Singer, Teacher and even Politicians, use it to express their ideas. Figurative languages can be used for lots of advantages. However, not all person understand about Figurative languages. Even if they don’t really know all the type ...

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Top Five Activities in Learning English faster and easily

Student in local areas have been interviewed and the result is awesome. While in University, I did a research to get the insight on how the smart students learn in their daily activities. The result of the research was never published due to waiting for some permission from Mochammad Rifai as we were working as a team in the past. The student researched in the study were fifty excellent student from international school in our area. All of them were picked up from various classes and from various grade. Basically, ...

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Top Five activities to easily improve English speaking skills without learning

English speaking skills is necessary for students in local areas and worldwide. English as the famous international language is being taught at schools. Students should have good skills in speaking English as it will greatly help them in many aspects. Without speaking skills, there will be less information available. Speaking skills will make anyone able to interact with many people worldwide. These are the top five activities that can be used to easily improve the English Speaking skills: Doing conversation with native speakers. Speaking skills will be easily improved using ...

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Simple examples and Explanations of Literature Review about Speaking problems

Literature Review is just like as references review collected form the experts. Literature review is about to be discussed with the ‘unnoticed professor from UNIROW ASIA’.  The literature that will take into account is about speaking problems. The discussion will take more than few days to complete and the result maybe posted here if it granted the permission to share it publicly. So here is the simple example of review literature available for public. Literature review on speaking ability using quantum teaching method at second grade students and also review ...

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An example of Thesis about Speaking Ability

Thesis is an essential and important document created by student or people who want to graduate from University. Creating this document require at least a research. To make a research that will be used in Thesis, a researcher should pay attention on the effectiveness and structure of it along with some supporting references. References play a vital role in this document. Without it, the Thesis will have no value at all and it will be declined as well. No one need useless Thesis. Thesis isn’t that hard to be created. ...

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An Example of skripsi in English about present continuous

Sampul Skripsi

Creating an example of skripsi is an easy job. However making the real SKRIPSI can be real disaster if there are no references and lots of supporting ideas. Creating Skripsi require lots of passions as it may take more than couples months to finish. Skripsi isn’t a regular document we may created during the weekend. Some experts said if references are the most important factor. However, as a writer an author, I believe the most important factor is developing idea and collecting the opinion to build the document as better ...

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Understanding an analysis of figurative language

Figurative Language is widely used in conversations and also at social media interactions like as Facebook and twitter both using sentences and sounds. Using Figurative Language in conversation can be really fun. Sometimes, we need to describe a something using interesting sentences and this is the main reason why figurative language is so important. We can describe a something without using figurative language but it will like as making a statement in which people may have no interest in hearing it. Figurative language in the contrary have different effect. Using ...

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