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Simple Tenses

Simple Tenses is the primary tenses in grammar. Understanding these tenses are necessary. Simple tenses contains three basic tenses named as simple present,simple past and simple future. Simple Tenses is a part of English grammar that is essential for students and teachers in English faculty.

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Formula Simple Present Tense and examples in sentences

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Simple Present Tense is part of English Verb Tenses. It is the first tense from currently sixteen tenses in grammar. The formula to make sentences using simple present tense is simple. It only has one simple rule. Here it is Subject + Verb + … Subject in this terms has two types. Singular and Plural. Below are the explanations. Singular is single subject. (He, She, It  and Name) are singular subject because it refer to only one subject. Plural is more than one subject. ( You, We and They) are ... Read More »

Analysis and teaching Simple Present Tense

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Simple Present Tense is the first tenses that usually used to describe the story or common activities. It is widely used to show the common facts and any daily activities. The use of Simple Present Tense follow these simple Guidelines: It uses formula (Subject + V1 + ..) and (Subject + Vs/es + ..). V1 is the regular verb while Vs/es is regular Verb with letters of s/es in the end. The example of V1 is READ while Vs/es is KISSES. Simple Present Tense uses V1 if the subject are ... Read More »

Common Errors in Writing Descriptive Text Using Present Tense

Writing Descriptive Text can be really simple. It basically just describe a something using common fact. There are no specific rules to create it. As long as the reader understand the topic, it will be fine. However, many universities applied special guidelines to keep the descriptive text helpful and useful for everyone. In this article, we wouldn’t discuss about the rules but only focus in creating Descriptive Texts using Simple Present Tense. Present Tense is the most simple tenses that utilize less rules. It only need Subject and Verb to ... Read More »

Descriptive texts using simple present tense

Descriptive Text is sentences that describe a something with detailed, vivid and colorful meaning. As an author or speaker, it is good to describe a something rather than directly pointing the readers to the object. Let’s say there is an object need to be introduced, a little cat. Instead of calling it little cat, use this expression, “As a favorite pet, this animal usually love to play with their master. With four legs and cute sound, the owner usually smile and laugh at them whenever they make sound of meow-meow”. ... Read More »

Some References About Present Tenses

In the end of the year, all the authors of this site were busy doing their activities. We were gathering with our big families and doing lots of useful things. However, we agreed not to leave this site outdated and here I am, writing this post. As for the title above, we will list all resources in this site about Present Tenses only. All resources here were written from our own experiences and have been tested successfully. We will write here our experiences while teaching lots of students whom didn’t ... Read More »

An Overview of Simple Past Tenses Used in Grammar

Simple Past Tense is formula that uses to express actions or states in the past. Simple Past is best to describe anything that was happen in the past. It is another simple tenses that describe the past without any other specific time indicator. This tense can be used to explain any activities that has elapsed. Earlier period can be represented by using Simple Past. Basically, Simple Past Tense is used in sentences only to give the ideas about any moments earlier than the present time, no longer current. Simple Past ... Read More »

An Overview of Simple Present Tense Used in Grammar

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Simple Present Tense is very simple rule and formula to express actions or states at the time of speaking. In learning English, it is necessary to study the basic things first. Simple present Tense is a basic rule that must be mastered in order to learn the other grammar rules. As a basic formula, Simple present Tense doesn’t have complex difficulties. In fact, it is very simple and really easy. Local students and teachers may learn English starting by studying this grammar. Let’s take a look at the formula below. ... Read More »

An Overview of English Simple Tenses used in Grammar

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English Simple Tenses is the basic grammar rules used in good structural English sentences. Creating well integrated English sentences is not as easy as writing it just like as local language. Good readable english sentences need to follow the guidelines. Without using the proper rules, the sentences will be a garbage and no one will understand it. This is why local students and teachers should not mix their local languages with english. Doing so will make native speakers have hard time to understand on sentences. Learning foreigner language can be ... Read More »