Saturday , May 30 2020

Meet with US and share your thoughts

Every Blogs always have author who manage and write excellent articles for readers. UNIROW STITMA is starting from simple blog developed by Linatul Ainisiyah and continued by Mochammad Rifai. Later on, Irna Diana join the team in late 2012. All authors were active and contributing actively. All authors of UNIROW STITMA were presented below:

  • arick

    Mochammad Rifai is young author featured in UNIROW for his many achievements. He had done lots of research which focus on teacher and students. The result of his research have been presented in Local Newspaper and Magazines. He is an active person who loves blogging and currently manages 12 active blogs. Writing is one of his favorite activity.
  • Irna Diana

    Hi all, Thank for reading my article. My name is Irna Diana and I really enjoy blogging. The owner of the site contacted and invited me few days ago to join the fast developing blog. I’m agree to write in this marvelous blog and thanks them for letting me in. I’m in charge for Teaching Development, a section which require hard work to finish it. I spend my times by reading and seeking for various resources in teaching development. I’m open for any suggestion and you may share your opinion in the comment form.
  • Linatul Ainisiyah

    Linatul Ainisiyah (NISYA) is a new blogger from Tuban East Java Indonesia. After graduated from UNIROW in 2009, She worked as Teacher till now. In her daily activities, She wrote many journals related with education. Few of the journals have been published in local magazine. Her dream to share knowledge with others lead her to create and develop this blog.