Sunday , May 31 2020

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Learning while Playing or Thinking is possible

Playing games is an enjoyable moment. While playing games can be really bad for students, I encourage any parents to allow their kids to play games. This is due to the reasons if playing games can make them even smarter than before. Let’s analyze it together. Playing games require lots of skills. In many cases, gamer will think on how to solve the problems. This will make them able to think quickly than the others whom never playing games. Gamer also have the possibility to be better than non gamer. Thinking faster ...

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How DUTA ILMU TUBAN work and Operate business

Nisya Linatul Ainisiyah

In 2010 (estimated), DUTA ILMU TUBAN was established. It then sold its first book, which shipped from popular printing books. There is a rumor if DUTA ILMU TUBAN is also printing some books. In 2011,  DUTA ILMU TUBAN sells lots more books and has sites serving hundreds of customer, with more than 3 fulfillment centers around the city totaling more than a thousand square feet of warehouse space. DUTA ILMU TUBAN is the books seller located in TUBAN, East Java Indonesia. It currently have few stores located in almost every ...

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Meeting with an owner of DUTA ILMU TUBAN

Today, the owner of DUTA ILMU TUBAN invite us to their home base. The owner, Mr. SOLEH is kind enough to let us try the internet speed. It is a great honor for us to visit their base. DUTA ILMU TUBAN is the only book store in TUBAN which provide cheapest book with discount. As the author, I will not going to say it is the greatest book store in east java. I would just rather to say, try it by yourself. There is lots of things happen when we ...

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Adding blog to Blogosphere Technorati

After yesterday I made new Post to help Indonesian to learn English, Today UNIROW ENGLISH LEARNER will register the Blog to Technorati for better visibility. the process require to add special code to the new post and in order to fulfill the code, UNIROW ENGLISH LEARNER provide the code with the title JFTTZFBDQ49Y Skripsi for Technorati. for all English Learner whom will make Skripsi or Thesis as Final Assignment, You can read the Previous Post or you have the option to search it in the search form at this blog. ...

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