Thursday , June 4 2020

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Some Suggestions in Writing correct Essay or Skripsi also Thesis

Writing both thesis and Skripsi can be fun if we use an easy method while writing an easy isn’t that hard at all. Student will face several issues in their learning process to create an Essay, Thesis and Skripsi. Hence, it is recommended to learn on how to use essay first then head to Skripsi and last, make a thesis. By following the suggestion above, Student will face less problems in their learning process and that mean, they will have greater chances to success than before. Below are some suggestion ...

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Research Proposal about Teaching Simple Present Tense

This is an example of Research Proposal about Teaching Simple Present Tense applied in local Junior High Schools. The researcher was Mochammad Rifai and the example was written in this blog to give readers the insight on how to create good research and also teaching well on students. It is mandatory to create good proposal about research as the proposal will be used by public. If this is the first time for you to create the proposal or it is an assignment from your lecturer, then feel no afraid. Everything ...

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How to make clear communications in Quantum Teaching

Ever wonder to have a clear communication while teaching or learning? This article may able to give simple explanation on how to achieve it faster. To be able to have a clear communication, we have to understand on how to create clear conversation. Clear conversation is basically the same as clear communication. The difference is clear conversation used in any activity involved in conversation while clear communication is used in any activity related with communication and interaction using any media. Clear communication in quantum teaching is possible by using the ...

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Journal how to Teach Reading using Quantum Learning Method

Teaching students using Quantum Learning Method is an activity that combine both joy and learning at the same time. Reading is an activity related with understanding texts and pronounce it clearly to fully understand and deliver the meaning at the same time. All problems related with teaching can be solved by using appropriate techniques that have been practiced long time ago. The use of Quantum learning method in reading classes will will make students experience the new way of learning a language. Teaching reading can be done by asking students ...

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Information about Definition and the Usage of Quantum Teaching

Quantum teaching is a popular and useful teaching method used in local areas. Students in local areas are different than others from foreign countries. Most of local students are unable to speak and write in English. In latest curriculum made by the government stated if English is an important study and all students should be able to use it in their daily activity if applicable. Many teachers trying to teach their student with various method. One of the most used teaching method is Quantum Teaching. So, what is the meaning ...

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