Wednesday , June 3 2020

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How to Learn English Faster by Using Mobile Phone

Nowadays, everyone want to be able to speak and write English fluently. Every Job’s Offer always listed it in their requirement. We are in modern world which mean We can interact with other people all around the world everyday, anytime. Talking and Tex-ting other people from various counties are possible if we understand the language used by them. Of course we don’t need to learn all of their language. We just need to learn the Global Language used by all people around the world. English is the global language used ...

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How to Learn English All the Time

Learning English isn’t that hard if we know on what to do. First things first, Learn English all the time is possible. Some people out there said if learnt English all the time isn’t possible. Due to other activities take in place, “it is impossible to learn English all the time” they said it in a seminar at UNIROW, a local College in my town. It is possible to learn English all the times. Arick, a student from UNIROW convince his theory. He said, If a someone want to learn ...

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Tutorial about Chapter II Review of Related Literature in Skripsi

Today, We will Continue our study on the next Chapter. Before this post, I had discussed about Chapter I (Chapter 1 or Chapter One). Please study the previous Chapter before read this Chapter as it may confuse you. Chapter I (Chapter 1 or Chapter one) contains background of the study, statement of the problem, objective (purpose) of the study Limitation of the Study, significant of the study, definition of the key terms and Organization of the Skripsi. The next Chapter is Chapter II (Chapter 2 or Chapter Two). Chapter II ...

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Definition of Online Education and Distance Learning

Few hours after posted in this blog under the title Guidelines for Online Education, I receive an email from my friend. She told me about Distance Learning. She said the title should be changed into Guidelines for Distance Learning. She also gave me some reasons. first, Online Education is not well known by some country. The words Distance Learning are commonly used internationally. Distance Learning is the exact words. Second, Distance Learning didn’t only mean mean study via Online but also Study via books or Exams. Distance learning mean study ...

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Guidelines for Online Education

Online Education or far away education is really important for anyone who had less time but still want to continue the study. Online Education is available in every country. Selecting the best between the other will give many benefits. This post mainly discuss about the Guidelines for Online Education based on the reality and self experiences. Online Education or often called as Online University (sometimes it also called as Far Away education or Open Education) tried to help people who have less time or limited by hard to reach Geographical ...

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