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Few Reasons why student should make an essay

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Some of my readers ask me the same question, DID WE NEED TO MAKE AN ESSAY? the answer is of course we need to make an essay. the reasons are: by creating an essay, we will be able to graduate as this is the requirement if we want to finish our study in the university. by creating an essay we will be able to show our skill to the people around us. an essay is like our notes. the more we make it, the better. When i was in the ...

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Creating correct Methodology for Research in Essay CHAPTER III

Now, after the Review of related Theory is done, we will need to make a Methodology. a methodology is really necessary to analize the way we process the data. here is my methodology in Jakarta Post (please don’t copy it without asking my permission): METHODOLOGY what is a methodology, well,…a methodology is like some kind of ways to make our reports readable and understandable by the reader and to make sure we make a great research based on the rules. methodology is really important because it told the reader what ...

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REVIEW OF RELATED THEORY based in Figurative Language

at least, we were now advancing into the next section,CHAPTER II. in this section, we will try to make a REVIEW of related Article. it is easy to make it. read the example of my article below (the article is a research in the Jakarta Post’s News) REVIEW OF RELATED THEORY A Brief Explanation of Figurative Language The term “figurative language” refers to bypassing the literal meaning to deepen, broaden, or bring about new ideas or insights into a word or phrase. In many ways, figurative language is a description, ...

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Nisya, the local teacher

here is an example of my research. this is only for example, please do not copy my research without my permission. if you want to copy the article, ask nicely and I will likely give the permission. CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study Figurative language is language that uses words or expressions with a meaning that is different from the literal interpretation. When a writer uses literal language, he or she is simply stating the facts as they are. Figurative language, in comparison, uses exaggerations or alterations to ...

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Proposal Learning English Faster Chapter II

CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE 2.1 A Brief Explanation of Reading Skill It is important to understand what is the reading process its self. The reading process separated in to two activities; First is reading for meaning and the second is reading aloud. 2.2 In this proposal, The arguments will fall into three categories: Intensity, Motivation and Authenticity. Intensity You need 1000s of phrases to speak English fluently. To be able to use thousands of phrases, you must read tens of thousands of phrases, because you will forget a ...

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