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Make a good essay or Skripsi in UNIROW part II

1.1 Statement of the Problem Plays are through necessity literary as well as dramatic works of art, and thus it become relatively simple for us to study the dramatist’s use of language. When we consider the use of language in plays we are always concerned with the dramatic effectiveness of the playwright intention, if a character speak in a certain way, is thereby made more dramatic. So, in this drama the researcher wants to discuss about figurative language used she formulates the statement of the problems as follows: 1.2.1 What ...

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Now we come to last research of us. When the student made sentences they also made some mistakes, although that was not done by all of the students, just some of them show the teacher gave the true sentence by giving pattern and explanation and that’s mean we are ready to advance into the next Stage. CHAPTER III CONCLUSION AND SUGESTION I. CONCLUTION Not all the errors should be corrected by the teacher directly, but the teacher had better give another student chance to correct other students’ mistakes in order ...

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Research and ELT chapter II in Pondok Pesantren HIDAYATULLAH TUBAN

CHAPTER II ACTIVITY AND TEACHER’S CORRECTION a) Activity one The first activity was the teacher coming to the class. Then he was greeting the students. He started to stimulate the students by asking some questions for instanced: 1) Do you know Dora ‘the Explorer’? 2) Who knows Tom&Jerry;? 3) Can you mention one of the best animations movie? 4) Have you ever heard Shin Chan? 5) With whom did he live? 6) Are there any similarities between Shin Chan, Dora and Tom&Jerry;? Among of them answered the question correctly but ...

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this is the Example of my Research in Pondok Pesantren HIDAYATULLAH TUBAN CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION I. BACKGROUND This observation was done in PONDOK PESANTREN HIDAYATULLAH TUBAN, The second grade, populated by 24 students, 11 males and 13 females, thought by MUSTA’IN, S.Pd. the observation conducted on Monday, June 02, 2008, take one session of 2×45 minutes, from 7.15 to 8.45 a.m. The reasons why we choose PONDOK PESANTREN HIDAYATULLAH TUBAN are: The school is developed with the new technique. The Headmaster and English Teacher gave a permission It makes English ...

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