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Two reasons to use Figurative Language in daily activities

Figurative Language is used to figure or describe a something by using words or sentences which the meaning is different than the original. Whenever an object is being compared with another, it must likely a figurative language is being used. In formal documents such as Essay, Thesis, Journals and Skripsi, Figurative language may exist to describe and comparing the chosen object. Wikipedia stated “Non-literal or figurative language refers to words, and groups of words, that exaggerate or alter the usual meanings of the component words”. There are eight forms of ...

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Common Errors in Writing Descriptive Text Using Present Tense

Writing Descriptive Text can be really simple. It basically just describe a something using common fact. There are no specific rules to create it. As long as the reader understand the topic, it will be fine. However, many universities applied special guidelines to keep the descriptive text helpful and useful for everyone. In this article, we wouldn’t discuss about the rules but only focus in creating Descriptive Texts using Simple Present Tense. Present Tense is the most simple tenses that utilize less rules. It only need Subject and Verb to ...

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Descriptive texts using simple present tense

Descriptive Text is sentences that describe a something with detailed, vivid and colorful meaning. As an author or speaker, it is good to describe a something rather than directly pointing the readers to the object. Let’s say there is an object need to be introduced, a little cat. Instead of calling it little cat, use this expression, “As a favorite pet, this animal usually love to play with their master. With four legs and cute sound, the owner usually smile and laugh at them whenever they make sound of meow-meow”. ...

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Standard Structures of Skripsi in local Universities

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Skripsi is the advanced form of journals, essay and action researches. It has special structures to help both the researchers and readers understand the content easily. Standard guidelines in creating Skripsi was not available due to every universities have their own freedom to create it. However, the basic rules have been agreed by so many local universities. Each Skripsi has opening pages which consist of introduction and dedication. Chapter one till the last chapter available in other pages as well. References and resources listed in the end of the pages. ...

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Definition of PTK or Classroom Action Research

(UNIROW-STITMA.NET) based on the web definition, PTK was “Plazmic Theme Builder — A program that lets you design your own custom BlackBerry themes and customize various aspects” (Courtessy of query ‘define: PTK’). However, in this article, PTK has totally different meaning with above definition. The word PTK was popular and almost all students whom learn in university already know about it. Even Wikipedia and other online sources of information has no idea about PTK. PTK is the abbreviation for “Penelitian Tindakan Kelas”. In english words, it was called as Classroom ...

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