Monday , June 1 2020

Press Conference

UNIROW STITMA as member of Arick Group has moved from Shared Hosting into Independent Server. The decision was taken by Linatul Ainisiyah, a founder of this blog. As webmaster, Mochammad Rifai will make sure the transition goes fine. The best scenario has been taken and few hours ago, Name server has been changed and propagation will take in place. Some minor problem may arise but it is expected there will be no downside at all. During the testing, it showing no errors at all. Only few configuration need to be changed.

By changing from shared hosting to own server, there will be huge benefit for both visitors and authors of this blog. Loading speed and site navigation have changed to improve the usability and bring more value to readers. All author have been notified about the decision to migrate the site and that is the reason there are no articles being posted since few weeks ago. After some extensive and thorough testing, the owner decide to purchase own server. All visitors are welcome to share their opinion about the migration.

For all readers, You may read our articles available in this site. Happy reading.